Best Gold Stocks To Buy For 2019

Let’s call a spade a spade. Turnaround stocks are fun. They’re even more fun when you’re able to say you bought them at — or at least near — their low because you understood the underlying story better than most other investors did.

While we’re being completely honest with ourselves though, let’s also admit that “buying on the dip” can often leave us battered, bruised and burned.

But slow and steady wins the race. Stocks that never really waver from their upward march can look and feel relatively expensive, making them tough to step into from both a fundamental and a technical perspective. There’s a reason these names are able to do what they do though. And investors should be willing to pay for quality and consistency.

With that as the backdrop, here’s the market’s top stocks to buy. These stocks are not likely to dish out triple-digit gains in a matter of days or even months. But they are comfortably seated in long-term uptrends.

Best Gold Stocks To Buy For 2019: Cypress Semiconductor Corporation(CY)

Cypress Semiconductor is a leader provider of high-performance digital and mixed-signal integrated circuits. Just last year, the company shelled out $550 million to acquire Broadcom’s Wireless Internet of Things business and now its “WICED” Platform is one of the largest IoT portfolios in the industry.

Cypress is sporting a Zacks Rank #1 (Strong Buy). Its P/E of 13.0 and PEG of 0.8 are currently trading at noticeable discounts to their respective industry averages. Meanwhile, the company is expected to post earnings growth of more than 40% in 2018. Income investors will also note that Cypress offers a 2.7% dividend right now.

Best Gold Stocks To Buy For 2019: Royal Dutch Shell PLC(RDS.A)

Royal Dutch Shell Plc (ADR) (NYSE:RDS.A, NYSE:RDS.B) is one of the biggest players in the global energy markets.

With a $262 billion market cap, the only Big Oil that’s bigger is Exxon Mobil Corporation(NYSE:XOM). It’s what is called an integrated energy company because it has operations from the fields to the pipelines to the refineries to the distribution.

As with all energy firms, when times are bad, the more exposure you have to the entire production and distribution process, the tougher things get. But at the size the big oils are, they have the money to wait out the bad patches.

And that’s just what RDS.A has done. Now it’s time to cash in. What’s more, RDS.A is still delivering a mouth-watering 6% dividend … but that may wane as the stock price starts rising.

Best Gold Stocks To Buy For 2019: Google Inc.(GOOG)

It might seem crazy to predict that shares of a $750 billion company could double from here. But I think Alphabet (NASDAQ:GOOG)(NASDAQ:GOOGL) has the potential to do exactly that.

As the parent company of Google, Alphabet already boasts seven products that each have at least one billion active users, including Search, YouTube, Gmail, Android, Chrome, Maps, and the Google Play store. But it’s easy to forget that around 4.5 billion people — two-thirds of the world’s population — still don’t have access to the internet. And the network effect surrounding the already enormous scale of Alphabet’s core product portfolio will mean it’s well positioned to benefit when those people come online. 

That’s also not to mention Alphabet’s smaller "Other Bets" segment, which is mostly made up of early stage businesses with massive long-term promise. Think Nest connected-home products, Fiber high-speed internet, Verily Life Sciences solutions, and Waymo self-driving vehicles, to name only a few.

Revenue at Other Bets jumped nearly 50% last year to $1.2 billion. But many of its smaller businesses are still in their pre-revenue stages, so the segment incurred a hefty operating loss of $3.4 billion over the same period. But with a growing cash hoard of nearly $103 billion on its balance sheet at the end of last year thanks to its massively profitable Google operations, Alphabet can afford to continue fostering these bets with a long-term mindset. If any one of them truly begins to take off in the coming years, it could stoke Alphabet’s returns that much more.

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