Best High Tech Stocks To Invest In Right Now

It’s not hard to find stocks with rich dividend yields. A quick screener shows 355 tickers that combine billion-dollar market caps with dividend yields north of 4%.

The trick is to separate high-quality income generators from their lower-quality peers. So we asked a few of your fellow investors here at The Motley Fool to share their best dividend ideas with yields of 4% or more. Read on to see why they recommend these stocks:

Best High Tech Stocks To Invest In Right Now: Canopy Growth Corporation(CGC)

Only one Canadian marijuana stock ranked in the top three best performers for the first half of 2018 — Canopy Growth. The company is the largest marijuana grower in Canada and stands as the biggest marijuana stock in the world based on market cap. 

Canopy Growth stock is up nearly 24% year to date. For the first four months of 2018, the marijuana grower’s share price fluctuated up and down. But beginning in May, Canopy’s share price has taken off. The combination of becoming the first marijuana stock to be listed on the New York Stock Exchange and anticipation of the legalization of recreational marijuana in Canada proved to be tremendous catalysts for Canopy. 

Its production capacity and supply agreements with multiple provinces should make Canopy one of the biggest winners in the Canadian recreational marijuana market. However, the greatest opportunities for the company are in the global medical marijuana markets and in selling cannabis-infused products. Canopy is working with large alcoholic beverage maker Constellation Brands, which bought a 9.9% stake in Canopy last year, to develop cannabis-infused drinks.

Best High Tech Stocks To Invest In Right Now: Plains All American Pipeline L.P.(PAA)

Oil pipeline giant Plains All American Pipeline is about to reach two major inflection points. First, cash flow is on pace to start growing again this year, which will reverse a multiyear decline. In fact, the company expects to deliver double-digit annual growth for at least the next two years thanks to the expansion projects it has lined up.

Driving that growth is the company’s prime position in the Permian Basin, where it’s rapidly expanding its pipeline network. Plains All American Pipeline currently has nearly $2 billion of expansion projects under construction, with 80% of that spending earmarked for the Permian. With such a large strategic footprint in the region, the company should be able to capture additional growth prospects in the future, which positions it to continue expanding cash flow. 

The second turning point will come early next year when the company should hit its leverage target. Once that happens, Plains will be able to begin increasing its 5%-yielding distribution. With the company currently only paying out about 60% of its cash flow, it could potentially provide investors with a big raise in 2019 and healthy growth in future years. That combination of an improving financial profile along with a growing income stream makes Plains an appealing oil stock to buy right now.

Best High Tech Stocks To Invest In Right Now: International Business Machines Corporation(IBM)

IBM raised its dividend for the 23rd consecutive year back in April, boosting the quarterly payout to $1.57 per share. The tech company has paid uninterrupted quarterly dividends since 1916. Based on the current price, IBM stock yields about 4.3%.

Why does IBM, a company with a vast global customer base and a century-long track record of adaptation, sport such a high dividend yield? The stock has been beaten down since peaking in 2013, the result of a turnaround that has taken until now to return the company to growth. Investments in cloud computing and artificial intelligence are paying off, but declining sales in legacy businesses are offsetting that growth.

IBM isn’t a growth company, partially by design. "Tech is littered with areas that you can have high growth and make no money. That’s not us," said IBM CEO Ginni Rometty at a conference in 2015. The company’s long-term target is to grow revenue by a low single-digit percentage each year. That’s not a very exciting goal.

But IBM doesn’t need to move mountains. The stock trades for around 10.5 times adjusted earnings guidance and has a dividend yield well above 4%. In other words, expectations are low. Dividend investors looking for a high yield along with a chance of some serious capital gains should consider IBM. It won’t take much to get the stock moving in the right direction.

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