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Top Dividend Stocks To Watch For 2019

Cloud computing truly has revolutionized American business. The ability to deliver top-level performance anywhere — to a customer of nearly any size — has leveled the playing field for small and medium-sized businesses. And growth is only going to rise going forward.

That would seem to create a huge opportunity in cloud computing stocks. But the problem is that the trend isn’t exactly hidden — or new. Investors already are pricing many cloud plays at exceedingly high multiples to earnings — and in the cases of many companies that remain unprofitable, to sales.

But there are still opportunities to play the cloud computing trends with stocks whose valuations still allow for strong upside going forward. These four stocks all will benefit from cloud computing — and all are priced reasonably enough to satisfy investors looking for attractive entry points.

Top Dividend Stocks To Watch For 2019: Weibo Corporation(WB)

Top Growth Stocks: Weibo (WB)

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Known as “China’s answer to Twitter,” Weibo (NASDAQ:WB) is a social media company that allows Chinese users to express themselves, connect with others, discover Chinese-language content and use push notifications on their mobile devices.

While its Twitter of China description was pretty accurate in its early days, now it’s much more diversified — it’s more like the Facebook of China at this point.

Weibo now offers online games and mobile apps that have created a very complete social media experience in a young, enthusiastic consumer demographic.

It’s no surprise then that WB has experienced tremendous growth since its launch in 2010, and it shows no signs of slowing down.

Trade war talk has soured the market on WB, but that’s to our advantage. WB has enormous potential growth in China and Asia, without any need to look to the U.S.

Top Dividend Stocks To Watch For 2019: Facebook, Inc.(FB)

At 23.5-times forward earnings, Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) isn’t exactly your traditional “cheap” stock. But I’d argue it is actually one of the cheapest stocks in the market.

Facebook stock got knocked down recently by a really bad PR incident now known as the Cambridge Analytica scandal. A whistleblower blew the lid open on a data leak that happened 3 years ago and may have impacted the 2016 Presidential Election. But amid that awful PR incident — which was arguably the company’s worst PR incident in history — Facebook proceeded to report what was arguably the company’s best earnings report in history.

Revenue growth accelerated. Margin expansion remained robust. User growth remained strong. Engagement trends were healthy.

Those overall strong results are a testament to the company’s business model, the platform’s value, and management’s ability to navigate through turbulent waters.

As such, things are back to normal for Facebook. And “back to normal” implies 30%-plus revenue growth over the next several years alongside healthy margin drivers. That combination should lead to at least 35-40% earnings growth per year.

Facebook stock trades at just 23.5-times forward earnings.

That is dirt cheap for 35-40% earnings growth. Plus, this stock normally trades at 34-timesforward earnings, so today’s 23.5 multiple seems like a big bargain.

All in all, Facebook stock has staged a huge comeback. That comeback is far from being done. A still cheap valuation and only strengthening growth prospects imply a ton more upside for Facebook stock. Consequently, this is also one the best cheap stocks to buy.

Top Dividend Stocks To Watch For 2019: GoPro, Inc.(GPRO)

GoPro (NASDAQ:GPRO) shares are rounding higher and could be ready to break free from a five-month consolidation range.

Watch for a possible test of the 200-day moving average last touched in November — which would be worth a 36%+ gain from here. Shares have been bolstered by an increase in takeover speculation as well.

The company will next report results on August 2 after the close. Analysts are looking for a loss of 21 cents per share on revenues of $270.6 million. When the company last reported on May 3, a loss of 34 cents per share beat estimates by two cents on a 7.4% decline in revenues.

Best Safest Stocks To Own Right Now

Renewable energy has quietly become one of the best places for investors to find high-quality dividends that sport high yields as well. Yieldcos like these have yields of over 5% along with long-term contracted cash flows to sell energy to utilities. 

If you’re looking for dividend stocks with both high yields and room for growth, here is why renewable energy is a great place to start.

Best Safest Stocks To Own Right Now: Barrick Gold Corporation(ABX)

One of the biggest temptations in gold stocks is seeking out the cheapest name possible. While that could be a lucrative play, the probabilities aren’t very favorable. Instead, with a potential industry upturn on the horizon, you should load up with quality investments. In the precious metals mining sector, few are as renowned as Barrick Gold Corp (USA) (NYSE:ABX).

ABX stock is intriguing particularly due to its fundamentals. Unlike lesser firms that simply folded during the metals fallout, Barrick rolled up their sleeves and got to work. Recognizing top-line hardships, management made tough but necessary decisions to streamline the organization. The results are conspicuous. Over the last four years, SGA expenses declined from $412 million to $301 million, or a 27% reduction.

Other unnecessary operating expenses were eliminated, helping to free up $66 million from four years prior. Thanks to their efforts, ABX went from losing $2.9 billion in 2014 to producing $655 million, and $1.44 billion in net income over the past two years.

But despite these significant achievements, ABX stock is down 12.6%. I think this is an overreaction. Barrick is a much leaner and more efficient company than it was during the metals downturn. In addition, it’s also profitable – something that not too many in the sector can say.

Best Safest Stocks To Own Right Now: ProLogis, Inc.(PLD)

E-commerce is an undeniable trend that could certainly make investors rich. The problem for retirees is that many of the popular e-commerce stocks are highly volatile, pay no dividends, and are generally not suitable for a retirement investment.

Prologis is an exception. The company is a REIT that specializes in "logistics" properties, such as warehouses and distribution centers. Not surprisingly, Amazon is a major Prologis tenant, as are companies like Walmart, DHL, and Best Buy. In all, Prologis owns nearly 3,300 properties with a massive 684 million square feet of space.

Despite its enormous size, there could be lots of room to grow. Worldwide e-commerce sales are expected to grow by almost 50% by 2020, and since just 12% of all retail sales are currently online, this could be just a starting point.

And here’s the key growth statistic: E-commerce fulfillment requires three times the distribution-center floor space that brick-and-mortar retailers do. So, as e-commerce continues to grow, the necessary logistics real estate will grow even faster.

As far as Prologis’ suitability for retirees, here are some numbers that could make you smile. The company has one of the highest investment-grade credit ratings (A3/A-) in the REIT sector, pays a handsome 3% dividend yield, and has done a great job of increasing its payout over the past several years — a trend that is likely to continue.

Best Safest Stocks To Own Right Now: ON Semiconductor Corporation(ON)

Aggressive accounts may want to look at this smaller cap play. ON Semiconductor Corp. (NASDAQ: ON) is a vendor of analog power management, analog signal conditioning, standard logic ICs and discrete chips into the automotive, communications, computing, consumer, industrial and medical applications. The company is in the midst of a transformation from a seller of commodity discrete chips into higher value-added analog ICs, both through organic growth and acquisitions.

The analysts view ON as an underappreciated way for investors to benefit from the emergence of advanced driver assistance systems and eventually autonomous driving. While the company is inherently levered (operationally and financially) and therefore subject to investor fears of cyclical volatility, many continue to see structural upside for the shares.

The Merrill Lynch price target is $29. The posted consensus target is $23.30, and the shares were last seen trading at $23.63 apiece.

Best Safest Stocks To Own Right Now: Facebook, Inc.(FB)

Facebook shares have already begun recovering from the Cambridge Analytica scandal. The stock bottomed out at $149 amid revelations that Facebook’s data was co-opted against its rules to influence the election, which led to a whirlwind of concerns about privacy and how the company handles user data.

CEO Mark Zuckerberg went before Congress last week to answer questions from legislators and defend the company, and investors responded to his performance favorably, sending the stock higher. As of this writing, the stock is back up at $168, but is still trading significantly below its all-time high of $195, where it was before the scandal broke.

Headshot of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg


It’s starting to look like the social network will emerge from the incident unscathed. On Google Trends, searches for terms like "Cambridge Analytica" and "delete Facebook" have declined sharply since peaking in March. More importantly, Facebook has said that there’s been no significant effect on advertiser behavior. At a Wall Street Journal forum, Facebook vice president of global marketing solutions Carolyn Everson said users mostly hadn’t changed their privacy settings, and that the company doesn’t expect any noticeable impact to revenue.

Moreover, even if Congress decided to impose regulations in the aftermath of the scandal, it would likely squeeze Facebook’s weaker rivals like Twitter and Snap as well, further strengthening the company’s monopolylike dominance of social media.

Take advantage of the sale price before the discount’s gone. I’d expect another strong earnings report from the social-media giant when it delivers first-quarter results later this month.

Best Safest Stocks To Own Right Now: Twitter, Inc.(TWTR)

 TWTR shares dropped more than 10% after Bloomberg reported that Israel is considering sanctions against the company for online incitement.

Not only is the company dealing with these specific headline, but it also sees looming fears that tighter regulations are coming. FB officials are expected to brief various Congressional committees on Wednesday.

The company will next report results on April 25. Analysts are looking for earnings of 11 cents per share on revenues of $606.3 million. When the company last reported on Feb. 8, earnings of 19 cents per share beat estimates by five cents on a 2% rise in revenues.

Top 5 Warren Buffett Stocks To Buy For 2019

Stocks pushed higher aggressively on Tuesday, capping a two-week rally that has taken the S&P 500 back above its 50-day moving average in a big way for the first time since early March.

Fears over trade wars, a geopolitical standoff in Syria, and the Special Counsel investigation into President Donald Trump and possible ties to Russia have been replaced by enthusiasm for Q1 earnings results. Also being set aside are any concerns about the Federal Reserve and its quickening pace of rate hikes.

Gains, where they are happening, are extremely impressive. But the good feelings aren’t universal, with pockets of disappointment. Here are three stocks to watch that are helping lead the way higher; and they are pulling back on the reins:

Top 5 Warren Buffett Stocks To Buy For 2019: Facebook, Inc.(FB)

Last year — and for practically every year following 2013 — social media giant Facebook was virtually unstoppable. In 2017, Facebook’s stock tacked on another 55%, pushing its market cap north of $500 billion at one point.

But things have been markedly different in 2018. The surfacing of the Cambridge Analytica data scandal has pushed Facebook’s share price lower by nearly 9%, year-to-date, through April 23. And it probably has a lot of investors wondering whether it can regain the luster it showed in 2017. My suspicion is that it can.

Though the data scandal has been a PR nightmare for Facebook and its CEO Mark Zuckerberg, has had to testify before Congress on his company’s data usage, history suggests it’ll be put into the rearview mirror and forgotten in due time. As my colleague Jeremy Bowman pointed out in late March, an Aegis Capital survey of Facebook users found that few of them have paid much attention to the data privacy concerns raised by Cambridge Analytica. Further, by referencing the #DeleteUber campaign, Jeremy found little impact on the company’s top-line growth. 

More important, Facebook is still only touching the tip of the iceberg in terms of its potential. It’s hardly begun to monetize Messenger and has done almost nothing with regard to monetizing WhatsApp. But don’t mistake this lack of monetization as weakness. If Zuckerberg and team have demonstrated anything, it’s that they understand how to keep users relatively happy, while also generating mad amounts of revenue from advertisers.

There’s simply nowhere else advertisers can go to get instant access to more than 2 billion monthly users other than Facebook. In fact, Facebook owns four of the seven most popular social media sites in the world — Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram. This is why Wall Street is currently calling for a compound growth rate of 25% over the next four years. That’s an almost unheard of growth rate for a company its size.

Now sporting a reasonably low forward P/E of 19, and a PEG ratio of nearly 0.8 — anything below 1 is considered to be cheap — I’d consider Facebook to be the perfect blend of value and growthfor long-term investors.

Top 5 Warren Buffett Stocks To Buy For 2019: Domino's Pizza Inc(DPZ)

Domino’s Pizza investors were nervous, as sales growth slowed at the end of 2017. Sure, the delivery giant beat rivals like Pizza Hut and Papa John’s, but gains weren’t nearly as strong as they had been. Comparable-store sales, or sales at existing locations, increased 8% in 2017 to mark the first time comps hadn’t expanded at a double-digit rate in three years.

Four people eating pizza from a pizza box


That appeared to be just a temporary speed bump, though. The chain recently announced that comps sped up to an 8% rate in the first quarter from 4% in the prior quarter, thanks to a solid mix of growth in both its domestic and international segments.

The healthy sales gains mean Domino’s aggressive expansion strategy can continue as management looks to operate as many as 8,000 locations in the U.S., up from 5,000 today. And with most of its orders coming from digital sales channels, it’s clear that e-commerce innovations will play a key role in Domino’s ability to protect its dominant market share position from here.

Top 5 Warren Buffett Stocks To Buy For 2019: American Campus Communities Inc(ACC)

Consumer tastes change over time, and over the past two decades, college students have noticeably shifted their preferences toward off-campus housing options.

American Campus Communities is a real-estate investment trust that has emerged as a market leader in this young and fast-growing segment of residential real estate.

Most on-campus housing options in American Campus Communities’ 68 current markets are residence halls built in the 1950s and 1960s. In fact, the median age of on-campus housing options in these markets is more than half a century. In these markets, 78% of students live in other types of housing, but about two-thirds of the off-campus housing supply consists of landlord-run single-family homes and traditional apartment communities.


American Campus Community gives students a third option: modern communities that were specifically designed to meet the needs of college students. These communities have modern technology infrastructure, as well as more student-focused amenities and policies. For instance, in a traditional apartment, you generally aren’t on a separate lease from your roommates, but this can be done in student-focused housing.

Not only is American Campus Communities’ product far superior to its competition, but it’s just as affordable. Outdated on-campus housing costs an average of $722 (shared) or $916 (private) in the company’s markets, making the $751 average monthly price tag of American Campus Communities’ properties surprisingly affordable.

As I mentioned, this industry is still in its infancy, and there’s no shortage of demand for higher-quality student housing. Plus, the company’s 4.7% dividend yield represents less than 70% of 2018’s expected funds from operations, or FFO (the REIT equivalent of "earnings") — a rather low payout ratio for a REIT. So, there’s no reason to think the income won’t get even better over the coming years.

Top 5 Dividend Stocks For 2019

Not many companies have monopolies, though some get pretty close. That list includes the following stocks. Each one has a slightly different virtual monopoly, and they clearly have vastly different businesses. But if you are looking for income from seriously entrenched industry players, you’ll want to get to know this trio of high-yielders.

Top 5 Dividend Stocks For 2019: Raytheon Company(RTN)

Like Roper, Raytheon Company (NYSE:RTN) is another under-the-radar company. However, its stock sure has become something to talk about, with shares up about 50% over the past 12 months.

While the rest of the market has been floundering, RTN stock is already up more than 21%. That’s what happens when a company makes anti-missile defense systems and the U.S. military has an annual budget of roughly $700 billion.

rtn stock in an uptrendinvestorplace.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/RTN-1-300×224.png 300w, investorplace.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/RTN-1-768×574.png 768w, investorplace.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/RTN-1-200×150.png 200w, investorplace.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/RTN-1-400×300.png 400w, investorplace.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/RTN-1-116×87.png 116w, investorplace.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/RTN-1-100×75.png 100w, investorplace.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/RTN-1-167×125.png 167w, investorplace.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/RTN-1-67×50.png 67w, investorplace.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/RTN-1-78×58.png 78w, investorplace.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/RTN-1-632×474.png 632w, investorplace.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/RTN-1-536×402.png 536w” sizes=”(max-width: 900px) 100vw, 900px” style=”margin: 0px 0px 18px; padding: 0px; border: 0px; outline: 0px; vertical-align: baseline; background: 0px 0px; font-family: Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; height: auto; max-width: 100%; width: auto;” />

While the U.S. government utilizes other anti-missile defense systems — Lockheed Martin Corporation (NYSE:LMT) also makes one — the desire for countries to boost their defensive capabilities continues to increase. That’s no surprise given the tension on the Korean Peninsula and continuing conflicts in the Middle East.

Despite expectations calling for revenue growth of about 5% this year and next year, earnings are set to explode — no pun intended. Analysts are looking for 27% growth this year and more than 15% growth in 2019. With earnings growth outpacing revenue growth, look for margins to expand as well. If the government keeps spending like Trump has so far, expect more lucrative contracts in the future, too.

After flagging the stock as a potential breakout candidate earlier this month, the recent 52-week highs come as little surprise. Going forward, look for RTN to make even more highs so long as its uptrend support holds steady (as shown on the chart). Keep in mind, the average analyst price target sits at $240.

Top 5 Dividend Stocks For 2019: Invitae Corporation(NVTA)

Invitae is engaged in genetic diagnostics for hereditary disorders which include breast, colon and pancreatic cancer. This popular biotech growth pick is sporting a Zacks Rank #1 (Strong Buy) right now. Investors are excited about the company’s rapid revenue growth, with current estimates calling for sales to improve by 83.4% in 2018. Invitae is not yet profitable, but analysts are expecting EPS improvement of nearly 16% this year. This is also going to be hot option for M&A and partnership chatter. Just this week, Invitae expanded its relationship with Sarepta Therapeutics to help clinicians identify patients with Duchenne muscular dystrophy.

Top 5 Dividend Stocks For 2019: Facebook, Inc.(FB)

The social media behemoth plunged to significant technical support at its 200-day SMA during February’s selling. Price bounced from the support level and is now hovering directly below the 50-day, setting up an ideal break out buy situation.

Facebook is expected to grow earnings by an astounding 30% over the next five years, and the company boasts a PEG ratio less than one.

I love the fact that the company is starting to exploit its multiple untapped sources of profits such as Watch, Marketplace, Workplace, and the billion-user Messenger platform.

At the current valuation, I see only upside for Facebook.

Top 5 Dividend Stocks For 2019: Global Medical REIT Inc.(GMRE)

Global Medical is a real estimate investment company engaged in the acquisition of purpose-built healthcare facilities and the leasing of these facilities to clinical operators. GMRE presents a dividend yield of about 9.5%, and the stock currently holds a Zacks Rank #2 (Buy). This is also an aggressive growth pick for 2018. According to our latest Zacks Consensus Estimates, analysts are expecting GMRE to witness EPS growth of 39% and revenue growth of 75% in the current fiscal year. However, the stock has a PEG ratio of just 1.3, so investors are getting a discount on this growth potential.

Top 5 Dividend Stocks For 2019: ONEOK Inc.(OKE)

ONEOK, Inc. (NYSE:OKE) grew its quarterly dividend from 77 cents per share to 79.5 cents, representing a raise of 3%. The oil and gas storage and transportation company will pay out its higher dividend to shareholders of record as of April 30 on May 15. Therefore, GEL shares trade ex-dividend on April 27.
OKE Dividend Yield: 5.15%

Top High Tech Stocks To Buy For 2019

U.S. equities were soaring Thursday as several tech companies reported strong quarterly earnings results. The S&P 500 Index gained more than 0.9%, the Dow Jones Industrial Average was up more than 0.8% and the Nasdaq Composite increased by about 0.9%.

Here’s what you should know ahead of today’s action:

Top High Tech Stocks To Buy For 2019: Facebook, Inc.(FB)

Perhaps surprisingly, the first stock on this list is none other than Facebook. Yes, that’s right FB. But when you think about it, it’s not surprising at all. Following the Cambridge Analytica scandal, we now have a “truly attractive entry point” into one of tech’s best growth stories.

For RBC Capital’s Mark Mahaney, FB is still his No. 1 Long in large-cap internet stocks. This five-star analyst has just reiterated his bullish take on FB with a $250 price target. With shares down 7% year-to-date, this translates into massive upside potential of over 50%.

According to Mahaney, FB has a key advantage because of its current low market shares — less than 20% of Global Online Advertising and a mid-single-digit percent of Global Total Advertising. This will help it to maintain premium growth for a long time. On top of this, FB still has several new large revenue growth drivers up its sleeve. We are looking at Instagram monetization, Messaging Platform monetization, camera/AR, AI, and video to name but a few.

He adds, “Yes, Regulatory Risk is real … But we believe this is now more than fairly reflected in FB shares and reiterate our Outperform rating.” And the Street as a whole clearly feels the same. Overall, FB has received 31 recent buy ratings vs just two hold ratings and one sell rating. Meanwhile their $219 average price target translates into 33% upside potential from current levels.

Top High Tech Stocks To Buy For 2019: International Business Machines Corporation(IBM)

Perhaps a bit less surprising is the lack of love tech stalwart IBM (NYSE:IBM) continues to be shown by the investment community. According to data from WhaleWisdom, institutional money managers dumped more than 20 million shares of IBM in the latest quarter. Sellers of "Big Blue" included Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway, which dumped all of its remaining 2.05 million shares, as well as Point72 Asset Management’s Steven Cohen, who sold his entire 548,666 share stake in IBM.

Two hands, one holding a pen and the other punching figures into a calculator, hover over an accounting sheet.


The issue for IBM continues to be a lack of catalysts. Even though the company has seen its cloud revenue grow steadily on an organic basis and as a percentage of total sales, its late push into cloud computing left it far too reliant on legacy products, which have gone nowhere for years. IBM did recently break a streak that saw its sales decline for 22 consecutive quarters over the prior-year period, but that’s not saying a lot. 

As noted, the positive here is that organic cloud revenue is up 20% (on a constant-currency basis), to $17.7 billion over the past 12 months, which provides some momentum moving forward. What IBM really needs, though, is for blockchain technology to take off.

IBM has been investing heavily in currency- and non-currency-based blockchain applications, which have the potential to put it on the leading edge of this technological game changer. IBM Is already testing cross-border payments at a dozen banks in the South Pacific using Stellar’s Lumens coin as an intermediary currency, and it formed a joint venture with shipping giant Maerskearlier this year to develop blockchain-based shipping solutions. 

Of course, investors also should understand that blockchain still is a nascent technology that has some growing up to do. Translation: IBM’s blockchain division is unlikely to be a major contributor anytime soon.

Personally, I appreciate IBM’s relative value at roughly 10 times next year’s EPS, as well as its 4.4% yield. However, without any top-line growth at the company, I’d suggest adding IBM to your watchlist or waiting for an even more attractive entry point (i.e., a lower share price).

Top High Tech Stocks To Buy For 2019: Alaska Air Group, Inc.(ALK)

Similar to Hawaiian, the last year has been rough for Alaska Air, with its stock price down nearly 25%. Alaska Air stock has tried to recover over the last month and its stock price popped 1.5% on Wednesday. Furthermore, the struggling airline company is projected to see its Q1 revenues climb by 4.5% to hit $1.83 billion.

Investors might be less pleased to note that Alaska Air’s earnings are expected to plummet 95% from the year-ago period to $0.05 per share. With that said, Alaska Air is currently a Zacks Rank #3 (Hold) and rocks an Earnings ESP of 51.53%, with its Most Accurate Estimate coming in 3 cents above our current consensus estimate. This means that Alaska Air, despite its projected earnings decline, is a stock that could top earnings estimates when it reports.

Top High Tech Stocks To Buy For 2019: Merck & Company, Inc.(MRK)

Source: Shutterstock


Our second money-making stock, Merck & Co., Inc. (NYSE:MRK), is one of the world’s largest pharma companies. MRK delivered revenue in 2017 of over $40 billion. The pharma giant is seeing the dollars roll in from its best-selling cancer drug Keytruda. This isn’t surprising given that the drug currently costs a whopping $150,000 per patient per year.

The company has just announced positive Q1 earning results, revealing an unexpectedly robust performance of key franchises outside the U.S.

“Keytruda’s beat reflects Merck’s strong commercial execution. Januvia and Gardasil’s strong demand in ex-US (e.g., China) should also drive growth in the near term” comments top BMO Capital analyst Alex Arfaei. He calls the execution and R&D on Keytruda ‘excellent.’

Investors should keep a close eye on data presented at the upcoming ASCO annual meeting in June advises Arfaei. This will be ‘the next catalyst’ which “should further strengthen the drug’s lead in lung cancer, raise expectations in other tumors, and provide insights on the next set of Keytruda combo data (e.g., with Lenvima).” He has a $70 price target on “Strong Buy” rated MRK (22% upside potential). Indeed, in the last three months, MRK has received four consecutive buy ratings from top-ranked analysts.

Note that Merck is also a top dividend stock. The company pays an impressively high dividend yield of 3.36%. With six straight years of dividend growth under its belt, Merck’s latest quarterly payout came to $0.48 in April.