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Hot Medical Stocks To Watch Right Now

For a company to be considered a "growth stock," the only real criteria is that you are buying it because you believe in the unbridled potential for the stock’s price to go up over time.

That being said, I personally believe adding some specific criteria can help to increase the probability of finding a stock with Amazon-esque return potential. By buying companies with market capitalizations under $20 billion, there’s more room for the stocks to grow over time. And by buying companies that have shown strong revenue growth — an average of over 20% over the past three years — that makes it likely these companies are offering what consumers want more and more of.

Hot Medical Stocks To Watch Right Now: Seagate Technology PLC(STX)

Seagate is a global leader in hard drive manufacturing. It offers a range of disk drive products for the enterprise, client computing, and client non-computing market applications. Seagate is currently sporting a Zacks Rank #2 (Buy) and an “A” grade for Value in our Style Scores system. The firm is currently generating a staggering $6.78 in cash per share on the back of 32% cash flow growth. Seagate takes advantage of its strong cash position by offering investors a dividend of 4.2%, making it one of the most attractive income options in the entire technology sector.

Hot Medical Stocks To Watch Right Now: Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.(WMT)

For years, Walmart reigned supreme over the American retail landscape as its superstores blanketed the heartland and its rock-bottom prices drew hordes of shoppers. However, with the rise of e-commerce, Walmart has been forced to adapt. The company has essentially stopped opening new stores, and instead invested in its current store base, raised wages, and improved training for new employees. Walmart has also focused on e-commerce, adding over 1,000 online grocery pickup locations, and acquiring Jet.com for $3.3 billion, along with smaller online native brands. 

Those moves have paid off. Walmart has now reported 14 straight quarters of comparable-sales growth, and its two-year comps jumped 4.4% in the fourth quarter, its fastest clip in eight years. U.S. e-commerce sales surged 44% last year, and profits are also expected to return to growth this year as the investments in recent years begin to pay off on the bottom line.

While it sounds like Walmart is firing on all cylinders, investors seem to have a different opinion.The stock is down 22% from its January high, selling off following disappointing e-commerce growth in the company’s fourth-quarter report, and falling again after the market pooh-poohed its $16 billion acquisition of a majority stake in Flipkart, the Indian e-commerce specialist. The investor response to both news items seems misguided. Walmart still expects U.S. e-commerce growth of 40% this year, indicating that the fourth-quarter increase of 23% was probably just a blip. Furthermore, the Flipkart deal should pay off in the long run, as the Indian e-commerce market is expected to explode over time, reaching $200 billion by 2026.

Walmart still has many of the advantages it always had, including economies of scale and stores within 10 miles of 90% of the U.S. population, giving it a boost in e-commerce. As it adapts to the changing retail landscape, the company should remain among the industry’s leaders.

Hot Medical Stocks To Watch Right Now: Alphabet Inc.(GOOGL)

It might seem crazy to predict that shares of a $750 billion company could double from here. But I think Alphabet (NASDAQ:GOOG)(NASDAQ:GOOGL) has the potential to do exactly that.

As the parent company of Google, Alphabet already boasts seven products that each have at least one billion active users, including Search, YouTube, Gmail, Android, Chrome, Maps, and the Google Play store. But it’s easy to forget that around 4.5 billion people — two-thirds of the world’s population — still don’t have access to the internet. And the network effect surrounding the already enormous scale of Alphabet’s core product portfolio will mean it’s well positioned to benefit when those people come online. 

That’s also not to mention Alphabet’s smaller "Other Bets" segment, which is mostly made up of early stage businesses with massive long-term promise. Think Nest connected-home products, Fiber high-speed internet, Verily Life Sciences solutions, and Waymo self-driving vehicles, to name only a few.

Revenue at Other Bets jumped nearly 50% last year to $1.2 billion. But many of its smaller businesses are still in their pre-revenue stages, so the segment incurred a hefty operating loss of $3.4 billion over the same period. But with a growing cash hoard of nearly $103 billion on its balance sheet at the end of last year thanks to its massively profitable Google operations, Alphabet can afford to continue fostering these bets with a long-term mindset. If any one of them truly begins to take off in the coming years, it could stoke Alphabet’s returns that much more.

Top 10 Clean Energy Stocks For 2019

The U.S. stock market still remains under the looming shadow of market volatility which commenced in February. Notably, President Trump’s tariff policies raised fears of a global trade war and spurred inflationary concerns and geopolitical conflicts, resulting in stock market volatility. Further, Trump’s decision to terminate Iran nuclear deal only accentuated the issue.

Markets remain highly unstable with rapid ascent being witnessed in one week, followed by a sharp decline the very next week. Investors remain skeptical about the imposition of tariffs despite the fact that fundamentals of the U.S. economy remain robust.

At this juncture, emerging market stocks with strong growth potential may become a new avenue for investors to cushion their portfolio. Strong global growth, low valuation of emerging market assets and structural reforms taken by various governments has transformed emerging market stocks into attractive bets.

Top 10 Clean Energy Stocks For 2019: Tiffany & Co.(TIF)

Luxury goods company Tiffany & Co. (NYSE:TIF), like many other retail stocks, is struggling to find any positive momentum whatsoever in 2018. The stock is off more than 9% through the first few months of the year – far worse than the broader market’s 1.9% declines.

That said, it’s not all thorns for Tiffany.

Just a few months ago, the company reported a solid holiday-season quarter that included a 5% jump in comparable-store sales and an 8% improvement in the top line, largely bolstered by impressive performances from the Asia-Pacific region and Europe. That led Tiffany to upgrade its own outlook for the fiscal year’s profits.

Sometime near the end of May, shareholders should be on the receiving end of another dividend hike. Tiffany has upgraded its payout by nearly 50% over the past five years, and is likely to tack on an additional bump during the last week of the month.

Top 10 Clean Energy Stocks For 2019: Alphabet Inc.(GOOGL)

As a stock that costs well over $1,000, Alphabet Inc.(NASDAQ:GOOGL) is never going to be a bargain buy. But still, shares are looking undeniably “cheap” right now. Prices are down by 5% over the last month, and 7.5% over the last three months.

This pullback comes even though GOOGL remains one of the strongest and most consistent stories out there. Just look at its 32 consecutive quarters of 20% revenue growth and 25%-plus operating margins. These are the kind of figures other companies can only dream about.

Indeed, five-star Monness analyst Brian White has just reiterated his “buy” rating and $1,280 price target. Alphabet is already the No. 1 search engine and mobile operating system in the world, says White, but it is still furiously innovating with a never-ending list of new products (see Waymo’s latest announcement).

With an eye on the attractive growth opportunities ahead, White says: “With the company’s dominant position in search, the company has garnered the top position in the global online advertising market and we believe the stock is an attractive value at current levels.”

We can see from TipRanks that GOOGL — a “strong buy” stock — has received 23 buy ratings vs three hold ratings in the last three months. This is with a $1,302 average analyst price target (25% upside potential).

Top 10 Clean Energy Stocks For 2019: Grafton Group plc Grafton Units(GROUF)

Grafton Group plc (OTCMKTS:GROUF) is a provider of merchanting, retailing, and mortar manufacturing services.

The company is based out of Dublin and carries a Zacks Rank #2. The expected earnings growth rate for the current year is 8.90%. The Zacks Consensus Estimate for the current year has improved 1.3% over the past 60 days. Grafton has gained 55.8% in the past six months.

Top 10 Clean Energy Stocks For 2019: ENERGY TRANSFER PARTNERS(ETP)

Energy Transfer Partners is a bit further along in its turnaround process, as earnings already turned the corner in the second quarter of 2017. The company’s financial results and balance sheet have continued improving since then. However, the pipeline giant still has work to do.

For starters, the company ended last year with a debt-to-EBITDA ratio of 4.3, which, while an improvement from 5.5 at the beginning of the year, was still higher than its target of 4. Energy Transfer has taken several actions to push that number lower this year, including selling assets. However, the company faces a tough balancing act since it’s trying to fund a $10 billion expansion program at the same time it’s distributing all its cash flow to investors and working to whittle down debt.

So far, the company has managed to walk that tightrope and maintain what’s now a 12.5%-yielding distribution even as it spends billions to expand. As those projects come on line, they’ll provide some incremental cash flow that will help reduce the leverage ratio and improve distribution coverage. While that doesn’t guarantee that the company will maintain its sky-high distribution — because it has some other issues to address — the odds are increasing with each passing day.

Best Casino Stocks To Buy Right Now

Sell right now and go away? That old adage would have been horrible advice for investors who owned three biotech stocks that soared over the last week.

Following stocks chalked up huge gains over the last five days. What sent these biotech stocks into orbit? And are they still smart picks for investors? Here’s what you need to know about the fantastic week for them along with what could be next for each stock.

Best Casino Stocks To Buy Right Now: Alphabet Inc.(GOOGL)

Alphabet, of course, often known as Google with lots of other stuff attached. The ticker symbol is even just still GOOG. I had a good exchange with my friend Scott Phillips, who helps run Motley Fool Australia, and he was taking me to task by email, in a fun way, for organizing alphabetically by ticker. And Scott said — and quite rightly [I agree, Scott] — "Aren’t we much more about the companies, themselves, and the businesses? Tickers are more for trader talk and people who don’t necessarily think about the businesses, often, but the tickers more."

And I agree with you, Scott, so I’m going to order this one by company name and I expect to continue that going forward. And I know if I screw up, first of all, I’ll try to blame Rick Engdahl because he’s my filter. He’s my whipping boy. He’s my producer. I would immediately try to blame Rick. But if he didn’t accept the blame, or people started realizing my game, here, then you could hold me accountable, Scott, and say, "Hey, Dave! You screwed that up. Make sure you keep these company names ordered alphabetically."

So, thank you, Scott! And yes, thank you Alphabet for being such an amazing company! A company, as I said to my gathered Tar Heels last week, that a lot of us associate, naturally, Alphabet with Google today and search, but 20 years from now our kids will think about Google as the AI company, the artificial intelligence company as artificial intelligence, as Kevin Kelly said on this show a month or two back. It begins to become a ubiquitous thing around us. You know how Wi-Fi is kind of ubiquitous these days and 30 years ago nobody knew what Wi-Fi was?

Well, 30 years from now Kevin Kelly says [I agree with him], AI will be all around us like Wi-Fi, and people will wonder what the world was like before that, and that’s the future we’re moving into and Alphabet is the leader.

Best Casino Stocks To Buy Right Now: Sinovac Biotech Ltd.(SVA)

Little-Known Stocks to Buy:Sinovac (SVA)

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Sinovac Biotech Ltd. (NASDAQ:SVA) is a native Chinese biotech company that is focused on the Chinese market, and its key drugs are vaccines.

This is interesting on two fronts. First, vaccines are a good way for Chinese firms to enter into the pharmaceutical business because they are highly beneficial and if made locally, can be very cost effective.

For a nation that is looking to move from developing nation status to developed nation status, a healthy population and a solid healthcare system is an important factor.

Given this, SVA will get support from the government as it builds its expertise and reputation. What’s more, vaccines are proving to be highly effective in treating certain diseases as well as preventing them. This next-generation of vaccines could have significant potential.

But for now, the Chinese demand for improved native healthcare solutions is a key driver.

Best Casino Stocks To Buy Right Now: SITO Mobile, Ltd.(SITO)

SITO Mobile Ltd (NASDAQ:SITO) is a provider of location-based advertising and mobile messaging platforms that allow brands to launch targeted mobile advertising campaigns.

The stock is sporting a Zacks Rank #2 (Buy), and the company has witnessed strong earnings estimate revision activity and is now expected to improve its bottom line by 94% in the current fiscal year.

That earnings growth is projected to come on the back of 25% revenue growth. The company is still expected to be in the red this year, but earnings are estimated to turn positive soon, and EPS expansion is expected to reach an annualized rate of 25% over the next three to five years. Meanwhile, the stock is trading with a respectable P/S ratio of 2.1.

Best Casino Stocks To Buy Right Now: Boeing Company (BA)

Last but not least, add aircraft maker Boeing Co (NYSE:BA) to your list of retirement stocks to own before and after you retire.

If you think passenger jets and military aircraft are cyclical, you’re 100% right. Those cycles aren’t exactly aligned with broad economic cycles though, so at the very least a stake in Boeing is a counter-cyclical position.

More than that though, any down-cycle headwind Boeing may face in the future is likely just a mini down-cycle within a much bigger bullish super-cycle. Boeing believes the global industry is going to take delivery of 41,000 new airplanes over the course of the coming 20 years just to keep up with growing demand for air travel. For perspective, there are only about 23,500 commercial aircraft in use now.

It’s the kind of trade that requires a very long-term mindset, but retirement can last a long, long time. So can the time needed to build that nest egg.

Best Casino Stocks To Buy Right Now: (KHB)

KB Home (NYSE:KHB) is a well-known homebuilder in the United States and one of the largest in the state. The company’s revenues are generated from its Homebuilding and Financial Services operations. It has a 3–5 year EPS growth rate of 16%. The stock currently has a Value Score of B and a Zacks Rank #1. You can see the complete list of today’s Zacks #1 Rank stocks here.