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Hot Cheap Stocks To Invest In Right Now

There are ton of high-growth stocks out there. Everyone talks about the FANGs all the time. There are also all the hyper-growth Chinese internet stocks, the class of digital retailers which are riding e-commerce tailwinds to super-charged growth rates, all those big-growth cloud companies and a ton more.

In sum, there are a bunch of high-growth stocks in the stock market. But not all of them are stocks you should buy. And not all of them are stocks you should buy here and now.

After all, when it comes to the stock market, timing is everything.

With that in mind, here’s a list of four high-growth stocks which could be big winners in July.

Hot Cheap Stocks To Invest In Right Now: Shopify Inc.(SHOP)

Much like Alibaba and iRobot, Shopify Inc (NYSE:SHOP) is a secular growth stock which has hit a rough patch recently.

At its core, Shopify is a company which provides omni-commerce solutions for retailers of all sizes. Namely, this involves providing uniform sales capability across multiple digital retail channels (social media, website, mobile, etc) to both digital retail entrepreneurs and huge enterprises. This business model falls in the overlap of two mega-trends (e-commerce and decentralization), and as such, Shopify’s growth has been huge and the stock has been a big winner.

But Shopify stock has dropped off its highs recently due to legislation. In a landmark decision, the Supreme Court recently ruled that states have the constitutional power to require collection of sales taxes from digital retailers. Many market watchers view this is a big negative for all of e-commerce, since it means higher prices will now get passed onto consumers. That could slow down the e-commerce revolution, and investors are selling Shopify stock as a result.

But that won’t happen. E-commerce’s benefits are multi-faceted, and stretch far beyond low prices. Namely, e-commerce offers a wide array of convenience benefits which are ultimately unaffected by the Supreme Court’s ruling.

Meanwhile, Shopify also thrives due to its exposure to the decentralization megatrend. That megatrend is hardly affected by recent legislation.

Overall, then, the robust Shopify growth narrative which includes powering the e-commerce and decentralization mega-trends remains largely in tact. Consequently, Shopify stock could have a huge bounce-back in July as negative sentiment from the Supreme Court ruling normalizes.

Hot Cheap Stocks To Invest In Right Now: Uniti Group Inc.(UNIT)

Uniti Group (NASDAQ:UNIT) focuses on a different type of real estate than most real estate stocks. Specifically, the REIT focuses on communications infrastructure. Uniti’s portfolio consists of fiber networks, towers and other infrastructure related to telecom. The company operates both in the United States and Latin America.

The customer base for such REITs usually consists of the country’s largest telecom providers. In UNIT’s case, their primary customer has been the struggling firm Windstream Holdings (NASDAQ:WIN), from whom UNIT stock spun off. At its peak, WIN accounted for 65% of Uniti’s revenue. As WIN heads toward a possible bankruptcy, UNIT has moved away from the troubled telecom company.

Though the relationship with WIN exposes UNIT investors to possible perils, one developing phenomenon could make it worth the risk — 5G. The major telecom companies will each spend tens of billions of dollars over the next few years to build 5G telecom networks. 5G will increase speeds exponentially. Consequently, this will increase the demand for towers, small cells and fiber networks. This need for more infrastructure will be a boon to telecom REITs.

The current annual dividend stands at $2.40 per share, which brings the yield to about 11.8%. Analysts predict earnings per share (EPS) of $2.51 for 2018. Hence, the dividend should sustain itself despite the issues with Windstream. Stock appreciation also remains a possibility. At just above $20 per share, it trades approximately in the middle of its 52-week range. UNIT stock traded as high as $32.73 per share in 2016.

It could reach that high and beyond with the increasing demand for telecom real estate. Increased demand would also increase profits, creating a virtuous cycle that also takes the dividend higher. For those that can stomach the risks associated with Windstream, UNIT stock could profit investors on both income and growth.

Hot Cheap Stocks To Invest In Right Now: Intuitive Surgical Inc.(ISRG)

Intuitive Surgical (NASDAQ:ISRG) is my pick from the healthcare sector. Up 34% YTD through July 2 compared to 12% for its medical instrument peers, it has managed to deliver an annualized total return of 44% over the past three years, 2.5 times the return of its peers.

I first recommended ISRG in March 2013. I reaffirmed my recommendation four months later despite it falling by 13% on concerns the company’s da Vinci robotic surgical systems — which cost in the millions to purchase — would no longer be a spending priority for hospitals looking to cut costs under Obamacare.

I wasn’t buying the word on the street feeling surgeons would continue to clamor for their use and hospitals would comply. Since 2013, revenues have grown by 38% to $3.1 billion, while non-GAAP net income has increased by 56% over the same period to $1.05 billion from $671 million.

In May, Intuitive Surgical announced that the FDA approved its da Vinci SP robotic system for use in single-incision urological procedures.

Shipments of the new product will begin in Q3 2018, providing another growth vehicle for ISRG, the leaders in medical technology for minimally invasive procedures.

I don’t see Intuitive Surgical slowing down anytime soon.

Hot Cheap Stocks To Invest In Right Now: iRobot Corporation(IRBT)

For all intents and purposes, iRobot Corporation (NASDAQ:IRBT) is the face of the global consumer robotics revolution.

iRobot is most famous for its robotic vacuum cleaner, but it also makes other household robots, such as a robotic pool cleaner and robotic mop. It is also rumored that the company is going to extend its product portfolio to soon include other robots, such as a robotic lawnmower.

From this perspective, iRobot is much more than just the company behind robotic vacuum cleaners. They are a company leading a household consumer robotics revolution which has a wide array of applications.

IRBT stock, though, doesn’t always act like this is the case. Over the past two quarters, IRBT stock has dropped like a rock because management has provided weak profit guides. But those weak profit guides are a direct result of the company investing into new products, which grow the company’s addressable market and add firepower to the long-term growth narrative.

Overall, then, such margin concerns are unnecessarily short sighted. It seems the market is starting to realize this, and IRBT has been bouncing back lately.

Second quarter earnings are due at the end of the month. Those number should be quite good as Google Trends for iRobot have remained quite favorable. Those strong numbers should affirm the recent bounce in IRBT stock, and send this stock back to all-time highs.

Hot Cheap Stocks To Invest In Right Now: NutriSystem Inc(NTRI)

Like Weight Watchers, NutriSystem reported stronger-than-expected results. NutriSystem also raised its fiscal 2018 earnings per share guidance to $2.04-$2.14 from $1.99-$2.09 and increased its full-year top-line outlook to $693 million-$708 million from its previous guidance of $685 million-$705 million.

NutriSystem has rallied around 30% since it reported its results, but NTRI stock is still trading at a low forward price-to-earnings ratio of around 16.

NutriSystem appears to be developing innovative new marketing segmentation strategies and potent new products. For example, the company has launched ads targeting diabetes patients and later this year, responding to demand it identified among its customer base, will begin targeting vitamin users with a new line of vitamin pack products.

Additionally, NutriSystem says that the engagement with its app is rising and it has identified proven marketing techniques of recapturing former customers who have left the program. Finally, the company recently added 19 new items to its menu, suggesting that it is focused on incorporating additional, innovative, popular foods to its offerings.

In my experience, companies that innovate frequently and significantly are much more likely to succeed than those that largely stay with the status quo. Judging by Nutrisystem’s results, the company’s significant, frequent changes on the product and marketing fronts appear to be working. These effective adaptations make NutriSystem stock very attractive.

Finally, the revenue generated by NutriSystem’s South Beach line jumped 150% year-over-year in the first quarter, suggesting that the line’s popularity is rapidly increasing.

Top 10 Insurance Stocks To Buy Right Now

When investors think of dividend-paying stocks, they generally think of older, more established, larger companies. But income investors can find yields — and value — by looking for small stocks to buy as well. Indeed, some of the best small-cap stocks are dividend payers.

And because these stocks generally don’t get the same amount of attention as their larger peers, these small-cap plays can often be found for a better value.

Here are three small-cap stocks to buy that offer dividends and potential for strong long-term returns. All three are among the best small-cap stocks and offer above-market income as well.

Top 10 Insurance Stocks To Buy Right Now: Two River Bancorp(TRCB)

Two River Bancorp a state-chartered commercial bank engaged in commercial and retail banking in New Jersey. The company is coming off a record quarter in terms of net income and earnings per share, which has helped its outlook improve and lifted the stock to a Zacks Rank #2 (Buy). For a regional bank, this is a hot growth option, with earnings and revenue expected to improve by 36% and 12%, respectively, in 2018. Meanwhile, shares are trading at just 13.5x forward 12-month earnings.

Top 10 Insurance Stocks To Buy Right Now: Tuesday Morning Corp.(TUES)

Source: Shutterstock



Dallas-based Tuesday Morning Corporation (NASDAQ:TUES) has become one of many retailers which have struggled to stay profitable in a changing retail environment. Founded in 1974, the company expanded across the country, operating in 41 states by 2001. During the past few years, the company has been plagued by high turnover in its top management and struggled to remain profitable.

Still, the company operates 724 stores across the U.S., which by itself should make it one of the hot penny stocks. Moreover, revenue grew by 10% in its latest quarterly report. Comparable store sales rose by 9.1% in Q1 as well. Investors should also note that the company relocated 58 stores in the last 12 months. At those stores, sales grew by 65%. This latest report held many encouraging signs for the company.

However, given that analysts expect net losses for both the current year and the year after, investors should still treat this stock as speculative.

Still, a stock price in the $3.30 per share range and a market cap of about $140 million seems low for a company with 724 stores. Traders should also keep in mind that this stock traded at over $22 per share in late 2014. If management can maintain revenue increases and return TUES stock to profitability, those who buy now could enjoy outsized gains from a dramatic comeback.

Top 10 Insurance Stocks To Buy Right Now: Oritani Financial Corp.(ORIT)

Unlike most bank stocks with high dividend yields, Oritani Financial Corp (NASDAQ:ORIT) exhibits some degree of growth. The commercial bank, which is based in Washington, New Jersey, saw its stock price fall to a 2009 low of $6.37 per share. Now trading around $16.40 per share,  both its stock price and its dividend saw huge increases as the stock emerged from the depths of the financial crisis.

Those who bought near the 2009 low and held have also enjoyed massive dividend growth. The annual dividend in 2009 stood at 18 cents per share. By 2015, that dividend had grown to $1.20 per share. Though current conditions have forced the current annual dividend down to $1 per share, investors have still enjoyed both stock price and dividend growth over time.

In the near term, it appears most of the benefits will come from the dividend. If the 2018 earnings projection of $1.11 per share holds, that places the forward PE at around 14.5. Hence the stock trades near its average multiple. With 2019 profits expected to come in at $1.13 per share, the stock lacks the catalyst to energize growth.

However, some ORIT stock investors may want only the 5.2% dividend. Buyers who have time to wait on stock growth still should do well. Hence, investors wanting a high dividend and long-term growth should receive both from ORIT if they can exercise patience.

Top 10 Insurance Stocks To Buy Right Now: Mid-Con Energy Partners, LP(MCEP)

Tulsa-based Mid-Con Energy Partners LP (NASDAQ:MCEP) is an upstream oil and natural gas producer. As an exploration and production company, times are great when oil prices are high. However, in an environment of low prices, revenue generation becomes a struggle.

Fortunately for MCEP stock, crude oil now trades in the $70-per-barrel range, its highest price since 2014.

MCEP stock traded as high as $27 per share in 2013. The oil price slump of 2014-16 hit its interests hard. By 2016, MCEP had become a penny stock, trading as low as 73 cents per share at one point. The stock has struggled to gain traction since then, but now trades in the $1.75-per-share range.

However, company financials may have begun a turnaround. Revenue fell from $96.91 million in 2014 to $56.1 million by 2016. Although revenues rose to $58.93 million in 2017, analysts estimate revenues will remain below $60 million for both 2018 and 2019.

Whether those estimates factor in higher crude prices remains unclear. And at these levels, investors should still consider MCEP stock speculative. However, the stock remained consistently above $20 per share while oil traded above $100 per barrel. If oil can continue to climb higher, perhaps MCEP stock will return to 2013 levels and become one of the hot penny stocks.

Top 10 Insurance Stocks To Buy Right Now: Intuitive Surgical Inc.(ISRG)

Intuitive Surgical (NASDAQ:ISRG) is in a business that sounds like it comes straight from a science-fiction novel: Surgical robotics.

However, luckily for patients around the world, this revolutionary technology is not only possible, it is becoming more and more integrated into everyday hospital use.

Intuitive Surgical got its big break in 1999 when it introduced the da Vinci surgical system. Complete with a surgeon’s console, a patient-side cart, a 3-D vision system and wrist instruments, this system allows doctors to perform minimally invasive surgery with enhanced dexterity, precision and control.

In the end, this technology benefits the patients, who usually experience less pain, a shortened hospital stay, fewer infections and less scarring.

Nearly 20 years later, the company has developed several models of this surgical system and even offers a training program that brings surgeons up to speed on this technology.

This system has steadily caught on in the healthcare industry; last year alone, the company’s systems were used in 650,000 procedures around the world.

ISRG stock is up more than 30% so far this year, but that is still just the beginning for this next generation healthcare company.

Best Heal Care Stocks To Invest In 2019

Anyone who was smart enough to buy Netflix (NASDAQ:NFLX) at its IPO in 2002 and hold until today is sitting on a gain of 27,430%. That’s a high enough return to turn a small amount of money into life-changing wealth.

So, which stocks do we think are capable of delivering gains like that for shareholders who buy today? We asked a team of investors to weigh in, and they picked following stocks.

Best Heal Care Stocks To Invest In 2019: Intuitive Surgical Inc.(ISRG)

I own  Intuitive Surgical (NASDAQ:ISRG), and in front of my gathered fellow Heels last week, I put Intuitive Surgical on this list, as well, so I present it for you again today. It reminds us to continue to add to our winners. It was a winner a year ago. It had a three for one stock split, something that I don’t personally care about. I don’t think we should spend a lot of time talking about stock splits. I realize some people think they’re exciting or are confused by them.

I’ll just point out that Intuitive Surgical, which has split a few times over our nearly 15 years of acquaintance. I like that stock just as much today, over the next 15 years, as I did 15 years ago. In fact, Intuitive Surgical is more clearly in the lead with more resources today than it was 15 years ago.

This is a company that spends about $250 million a year just on R&D inventing the future. A lot of upstart competitors would dream of having that as their revenues or, even more, their profits. Well, Intuitive Surgical is spending that much just on R&D. Love the company and I look forward to an increasingly minimally invasive future.

Best Heal Care Stocks To Invest In 2019: Proto Labs, Inc.(PRLB)

Finding the next Netflix isn’t going to be easy, but patient investors who are willing to stick around for a decade or longer could find that 3D-printing service provider Proto Labs is actually Netflix version 2.0.

The reason Netflix is so successful is that it listened to its customers and fit their demand for streaming content. It didn’t reinvent the wheel. It merely offered a high-margin content service that few competitors have come close to matching. Proto Labs can do the exact same thing for the 3D-printing space.

The secret to Proto Labs’ success is that it’s not involved in the development and manufacture of 3D-printing machines. What we’ve seen from the likes of 3D Systems and Stratasys is that industrial demand for 3D-printers can ebb and flow. Wall Street and investors got their hopes way too high for 3D-printing demand between 2012 and 2014, and when consumer-based sales faltered and industrial demand waned, the industry was slammed.

However, Proto Labs is all about being an on-demand service provider for 3D-printing needs. It provides quick turnaround orders for prototypes or other 3D-printing needs for businesses and clients, making it something of a FedEx office for the 3D-printing space. Not having to spend as much as its peers on research and development, as well as not having to hang onto expensive inventory, is a big reason why Proto Labs’ profits and growth haven’t missed a beat.

Furthermore, Proto Labs isn’t reliant on a single type of technology when receiving orders from customers. This gives the company the flexibility to use whatever production method best fits the bill for a small or large volume order.

Lastly, Proto Labs brings ease of use to the table, just like Netflix does for its members. The CAD/CAM design process can be confusing for businesses. With Proto Labs, there are no concerns about how to work the equipment since the entire process is handed off. 

Looking ahead, Proto Labs is expected to nearly double its sales to an estimated $669 million by 2021, with earnings per share more than doubling to $4.39. This not only suggests rapid and consistent growth, but also margin expansion. Say hello to Netflix 2.0.

Best Heal Care Stocks To Invest In 2019: Netflix, Inc.(NFLX)

Netflix has built itself into a video-streaming powerhouse and now boasts more than 125 million members. The company is experiencing substantial user growth as it expands into international markets. Netflix’s non-U.S. streaming subscribers now account for 54% of the company’s paid subscribers, and in the first quarter of 2018 the company increased paid international subscribers by 42% year over year.

Investors have also been happy to see the company’s sales and earnings continue to spike. Revenue was up more than 40% in the most recent quarter to $3.7 billion, and diluted earnings per share of $0.64 were up 60% from the year-ago quarter, which far outpaced any of the company’s quarterly earnings in 2017. Net income also increased about 63% year over year to $290 million.

Netflix is facing an increase in competition on several fronts, most recently from Disney’s (NYSE:DIS) announcement that it will bring its own content streaming service to market sometime this year. Disney has a war chest of old movies and shows, along with owning massive content franchises like Star Wars and Marvel, which could make Disney’s service a strong contender for people’s money.

But Netflix will likely be able to fend off Disney, and other players including Amazon and Hulu, because of its treasure trove of user data. For years, Netflix has been collecting users’ viewing habits (everything from what we watch and when we watch it) so it can create original content and purchase programming it knows its members will love. Tapping into this data allows Netflix to create a network effect that keeps its users watching more Netflix content, and thus supplying it with more viewing data.

Netflix is spending a lot of money — between $7.5 billion and $8 billion in 2018 — on content, and that’s up from $6 billion last year. Some of this spending comes from Netflix shelling out cash to create shows that will appeal to viewers in local international markets. The company’s subscriber growth shows that spending all of this cash is paying off, but investors should keep an eye on these expenses to see if they continue to climb. At some point, the company should be able to curb spending a bit, or at least let it stabilize, once it’s built up enough original content. But Netflix’s current collection of original content, and its ability to know what its users want to watch, should help it continue dominating the content streaming space for years to come.

Hot Casino Stocks To Invest In 2019

Cheap stocks are usually cheap for a reason. And that reason isn’t a good one. Because of this, investing in cheap stocks can actually be risky.

But cheap stocks on the rise are a different story. Cheap stocks on the rise are usually rising for a reason. And that reason is a good one. It’s because either the stock got too cheap or the growth prospects are improving, or both.

Because of this, investing in cheap stocks on the rise can actually be quite rewarding.

With that in mind, here is a list of 3 cheap stocks that are already on the move higher due to improving operations.

Hot Casino Stocks To Invest In 2019: Northern Technologies International Corporation(NTIC)

Little-Known Stocks to Buy: Northern Technologies (NTIC)investorplace.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/nticmsn-200×110.jpg 200w, investorplace.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/nticmsn-162×88.jpg 162w, investorplace.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/nticmsn-400×220.jpg 400w, investorplace.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/nticmsn-116×64.jpg 116w, investorplace.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/nticmsn-100×55.jpg 100w, investorplace.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/nticmsn-91×50.jpg 91w, investorplace.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/nticmsn-78×43.jpg 78w, investorplace.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/nticmsn.jpg 728w” sizes=”(max-width: 300px) 100vw, 300px” style=”margin: 0px 20px 18px 0px; padding: 0px; border: 0px; font-style: inherit; font-variant: inherit; font-weight: inherit; font-stretch: inherit; line-height: inherit; font-family: Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; vertical-align: baseline; outline: 0px; background: transparent; display: block; float: left;” />

Northern Technologies International Corporation(NASDAQ:NTIC) is one of those companies that has built a strong reputation in the industries it serves but is such a niche player, many investors outside these industries don’t know it exists.

And as a firm with a $144 million market cap, it also has gotten lost in the big-cap buying that has dominated the markets for so long.

But it deserves its day in the sun, which has arrived.

Founded in 1970, NTIC specializes in corrosion inhibiting products and corrosion management solutions, predominantly for the oil and gas business. Think about keeping tank farms rust free, or keeping equipment on drilling platforms — either on land or offshore — operational and free of rust. It’s a big job, and NTIC is one of the industry leaders.

As U.S. energy production rises, so will the fortunes of NTIC.

Hot Casino Stocks To Invest In 2019: Acuity Brands Inc(AYI)

Source: Shutterstock


It’s been a painful couple of years for Atlanta lighting specialist Acuity Brands, Inc. (NYSE:AYI) and its shareholders who’ve seen $5.5 billion shaved off its market cap since the end of 2015.

CEO Vernon Nagel, who’s been in the top job since September 2004, has personally seen paper losses of $47 million over the past 28 months. If there’s anybody who wants to see AYI stock rebound, it would be someone who owns just less than 400,000 shares.

In Acuity’s situation, the problem is profits. They’re shrinking. In the second quarter ended February 28, 2018, operating profits were $88 million, 18.5% lower than a year earlier.

Sales, while not showing massive advancement, did manage to grow by 3.4% in Q2 2018 to $832 million, exceeding management expectations. Operating in a moribund lighting market, Acuity is making lemonade out of lemons by implementing cost savings initiatives to ensure its profitability doesn’t deteriorate any further.

Like a value investor waiting for his or her time to strike, Acuity is biding its time until the business improves.

With free cash flow that’s higher than it’s ever been, Acuity’s stock is definitely on sale. However, like all stocks, I can’t predict when the lighting industry is going to resume its growth, but when it does, Acuity will be back trading in the $200s.

Hot Casino Stocks To Invest In 2019: Golden Minerals Company(AUMN)

Golden Minerals Co (NYSEAMERICAN:AUMN) engages in construction, mining and exploration of mineral properties. The company explores silver, gold, zinc, lead and other minerals.

The stock currently holds a Zacks Rank #2. The company’s projected sales growth is 0.13% for 2018 and 209% for 2019. On a month-to-date basis, the stock has rallied 8.9%, outpacing the sector’s gain.

Hot Casino Stocks To Invest In 2019: Intuitive Surgical Inc.(ISRG)

Intuitive Surgical is one of my favorite companies, a stock that I own, and have held for more than a decade, and that would be Intuitive Surgical, the maker of the da Vinci robot, the surgical robot.

Really, it’s sort of a misnomer when you say surgical robot. A lot of people picture something that’s moving around and performing surgery on people. If you remember some of the scary images from, let’s say, Logan’s Run and if you remember what happened to Farrah Fawcett Majors in that movie, you have bad feelings when sometimes you think about surgical robots. But no, this is actually kind of a [machine with four arms] that sits over patients and the doctor will be sitting off to the side with his or her hands in gloves that are manipulating the arms of the da Vinci surgical robot. It turns out you don’t even have to be in the same room as the patient. You could be in another city and be an expert in operating minimally invasively on patients.

And whether we’re talking about a prostatectomy, [the removal of the prostate for prostate cancer], or hysterectomies, colorectal cancer; increasingly the da Vinci surgical robot is the answer, especially for patients who want to walk off the hospital bed faster than they would have in the past when they got cut into by human hands. This minimally invasive surgery that sounds attractive to you does to me, as well, and that’s part of the growth story behind this worldwide leader in robotic-assisted surgery. I love Intuitive Surgical and I sure do love the stock price.

Now, we first picked it at Rule Breakers almost 15 years ago at $44 a share, and I was putting that number out last year when I did the podcast for April The Giraffe and "I" was Intuitive Surgical. It had gone from $44 to $794 since we’d held it for a decade plus.

Well, the numbers have all changed a little bit, because in October of last year, just a few months ago, the company did a three for one stock split, so all of the numbers changed a little bit, but now adjusting for that, technically a year ago I picked this stock, then, at $269 a share for you in this podcast, and today I’m happy to say it’s up to $422.

So, with the market up 15%, Intuitive Surgical is up 57%, which gives us a big, fat +42% in the win column, juicing our numbers and making — was it Tajiri, Rick — even happier as these stocks grow up with that little baby giraffe. They’re the same age, and I think we do grow from a percentage standpoint, most of all in our first year, if you think about it, as babies progress from zero to one, and we’re seeing some huge growth from these stocks in their first year picked for April a year ago.

Hot Casino Stocks To Invest In 2019: Visa Inc.(V)

 While blockchain may be the future of money, the world’s still going to need middlemen to make it easy for consumers and business to use. In the meantime, the world needs a means of facilitating commerce the old-fashioned way. That’s credit card icon Visa Inc (NYSE:V), which not only has the most market share in the business, but through 2016 was widening its lead.

The company isn’t resting on its laurels though, well aware that times are always changing. It recently decided actual signatures would no longer be required to make purchases with cards that have a chip in them, and it’s currently testing a user-authentication platform that requires a fingerprint … the first of its kind for the industry.

Best Tech Stocks To Invest In Right Now

Oil prices are on fire, recently hitting a three-and-a-half-year high. More upside could be on the way. However, despite this rebound, many oil stocks have been ice-cold, with several surprisingly having sold off to such an extent that they’re currently trading at levels not seen in years. That makes them compelling options for your portfolio this month.

Best Tech Stocks To Invest In Right Now: Analog Devices, Inc.(ADI)

This stock could very well benefit from an increase in information technology (IT) spending. Analog Devices Inc. (NASDAQ: ADI) is a leader in the design, manufacture and marketing of analog, mixed-signal and digital signal processing integrated circuits (ICs) for use in industrial, automotive, consumer and communication markets worldwide. It offers signal processing products that convert, condition and process real-world phenomena, such as temperature, pressure, sound, light, speed and motion, into electrical signals.

Last year the company introduced a highly integrated polyphase analog front end with power quality analysis designed to help extend the health and life of industrial equipment while saving developers significant time and cost over custom solutions. Achieving extremely accurate, high-performance power quality monitoring typically requires customized development, which can be expensive and time-consuming.

The analysts believe that the Linear Technology acquisition, which closed earlier this year, is a huge positive. In addition, many on Wall Street expect that corporate management ultimately will exceed its $150 million of targeted synergies.

Analog Devices investors are paid a solid 2.14% dividend. The Merrill Lynch price target for the stock is $110. The Wall Street consensus price target was last seen at $103.14. The stock closed Friday’s trading at $89.76 per share.

Best Tech Stocks To Invest In Right Now: United Parcel Service Inc.(UPS)

Shares of this package delivery service have plunged around 30% from their January 2018 highs. The February market plunge resulted in a steep gap, exasperating an already dire situation.


Currently, shares are building a base in the $105.00 zone, setting up an ideal technical buy opportunity. Let’s take a closer look.


Fundamentals supporting the bullish call include the dividend increase of 10% in February. The company has increased dividends every year since 1969, and they have quadrupled since 1999. UPS boasts a healthy cash flow to support the ever-growing payout to investors.

CEO David Abney stated, "Dividends remain a high priority at UPS. Our strong cash flow from operations has enabled us to pay a stable or growing dividend for nearly 50 years."

Next, the company has been knocked lower due to a perceived Amazon threat; however, it still boasts the top margins in the industry. Also, it has posted a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of over 7% for the last 10 years.

I firmly believe that the Amazon threat is way overblown, and UPS will return to its yearly highs over time.

Best Tech Stocks To Invest In Right Now: Diageo plc(DEO)

One of the world’s largest distillers, Diageo is the leading maker of Scotch whisky, which represents more than a quarter of Diageo’s $15.6 billion in annual sales. The top-selling Johnnie Walker brand has been most responsible for Diageo’s growth, but previously it was helped by vodka sales from brands like Smirnoff, Ciroc, and Ketel One. Vodka, though, has fallen in recent years, and today represents 11% of Diageo’s sales.

Because the "browns" of the spirits world — whiskey, bourbon, rye — are the hot drinks of the moment, particularly among women, Diageo has been able to ride that wave higher. It recently launched a "Jane Walker" label to capitalize on this trend. Recent studies suggest that women not only drink as much alcohol as men do, but also that younger women may possibly be consuming even more.

At 22 times trailing earnings and 19 times next year’s estimates, Diageo is being discounted by the market compared to other distillers, despite its premier position in the industry. Almost all its brands can be found in the top spot or second place in markets around the globe. Other well-known brands it owns include Crown Royal whisky and Captain Morgan rum.

Its dividend of $3.46 per share currently yields a solid 2.4% annually, and with analysts expecting earnings to grow 12% this year, Diageo should be able to continue delivering sales, earnings, and dividend growth for years. That’s a retirement portfolio mix worth toasting.

Best Tech Stocks To Invest In Right Now: Wynn Resorts, Limited(WYNN)

This embattled casino giant looks like it could be headed for more big changes on top after Elaine Wynn recently demanded that Wynn Resorts move quickly to restructure its board. Wynn Resorts has also seen its stock price pop 3.51% over the last month as investors react more to the business than to its former CEO’s scandal. Looking ahead to the first quarter, Wynn Resorts is expected to see its revenues climb by 14% to $1.68 billion.

Investors might be even more pleased to note that the company’s earnings are projected to reach $1.92 per share, which would mark a 54.8% expansion from the year-ago period. Wynn Resorts has also experienced positive earnings estimate revision activity recently. Lastly, WYNN is currently a Zacks Rank #3 (Hold) and holds an Earnings ESP of 0.35%, with its Most Accurate Estimate coming in 1 cent above our current consensus estimate. Therefore, WYNN is a stock that could be ready to top Q1 earnings estimates. The casino company is also expected to report its Q1 financial results on Tuesday.

Best Tech Stocks To Invest In Right Now: Intuitive Surgical Inc.(ISRG)

So you want market-crushing returns and groundbreaking innovation. Cryptocurrencies might fit that bill, but at the cost of enormous risk. As an alternative, I would suggest robotic-surgery specialist Intuitive Surgical — lots of innovation, plenty of proven success, and much lower risk levels than your favorite crypto-coin.

The maker of da Vinci surgery systems has seen its share prices rising a market-beating 380% in the last 10 years, including a 72% surge over the last 52 weeks alone. Those gains have materialized in lockstep with similar improvements to the company’s revenues and earnings, so the stock gains are based on rock-solid business results.

Intuitive Surgical currently is running over some speed bumps in its quest for international sales growth, but the all-important domestic market makes up for that issue with healthy growth and strong long-term prospects. The robotic-surgery field has seen an influx of new system builders in recent years, but even those erstwhile rivals often say that they just don’t want to compete head-to-head with Intuitive Surgical.

The company grabbed a huge first-mover advantage many years ago, wrapped it in kevlar-class patent protection, and built up an installed user base that’s nearly immune to usurpers for the foreseeable future. Hospitals are unlikely to kick out their multimillion-dollar da Vinci robots, even if a better solution suddenly appears.