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I’m Watching Four Clean Energy Stocks Like a Hawk This Week

Shah GilaniShah GilaniShah Gilani

Every week, I publish a “watchlist” of stocks for my Total Wealth free e-letter subscribers. It’s just like how it sounds; they’re stocks I’m keeping tabs on because I see the potential for big, imminent moves. That’s also why I talk about speculative trades people can execute to cash in on those moves.

My editor, though, asked me to share this week’s watchlist with everybody because it’s packed with clean energy stocks.

Thanks to the infrastructure bill, and what will likely be billions and billions in earmarks, the whole sector is heating up. There’s also a great deal of global growth here, outside of the United States, as the world transitions away from fossil fuels. Be that as it may, choosing the right stocks here can mean the difference between missing out, or collecting ho-hum profits, and knocking it out of the park.

These stocks are near or below certain key support and resistance levels that put them in play right now…

Here’s My “Green” Watchlist This Week

Stocks like Tesla Inc. (NASDAQ: TSLA) and other EV makers grab headlines, but there’s more – a lot more – than vehicles themselves to this boom. There’s perhaps even more profit potential in the “stuff” that goes along with EVs, like electric motors and charging stations. Most sources agree that there will need to be hundreds of thousands of efficient charging stations built nationwide – Biden himself has floated a figure in the 500,000 range – for the transition to electric vehicles to work.

Two of my very favorite companies in this space are in play right now; they’re potential beneficiaries of the infrastructure bill, of course, but also, the Democrats’ proposed $3 trillion social and climate action plan.

I’m talking about ChargePoint Holdings Inc. (NYSE: CHPT) and Beam Global (NASDAQ: BEEM). ChargePoint is based in the heart of Silicon Valley and operates the largest network of EV charging stations in the United States, with a presence in Mexico, Canada, and Australia, too. As of late 2020, it owned 114,00 charging stations nationwide. It also sells directly to consumers – EV owners – with “home” versions of its charging stations.

That alone isn’t what makes the stock so compelling; it develops and builds hardware and software for all kinds of electric vehicles, too.

The stock has been under pressure of late, to the point where it’s reaching bargain territory. I think it’s ready for a rally. If CHPT closes above $27, I like buying a call spread on these shares – CHPT Oct 15, 2021 $28 and $29 calls for around $0.45 or less for each one.

Beam Global is into electric vehicle charging infrastructure as well, with a unique emphasis on solar power. It designs, manufactures, and sells all kinds of solar-powered products. Beam’s solar-powered EV charging stations could end up being a game-changer. As things stand now, it takes beaucoup permitting and red tape cutting to get an EV station installed and integrated with the local power grid; it’s not easy to do. Beam’s stations, however, are easy to install anywhere there’s room; there’s no permitting required in most if not all U.S. jurisdictions, and no construction or integration required, either.

BEEM stock is also down over the past several sessions. Should this stock rally back toward and then reclaim six-month highs, closing above $34, I’d buy BEEM Nov. 19, 2021 $35 calls and BEEM Nov. 19, 2021 $40 calls for $2 or less.

Plug Power Inc. (NASDAQ: PLUG) was all the rage last summer, and for me, the attraction’s never waned. I think the Latham, New York-based hydrogen fuel cell manufacturer is on the right track, designing next-generation batteries, or fuel cells, capable of recharging in minutes, as opposed to hours for traditional batteries. It was a pioneer in the space here in the United States, and it’s closed a series of lucrative deals in the past 12 months, partnering with South Korea’s SK Group conglomerate to provide fuel cells to the massive Asian market and striking a deal for a joint venture with French automaker Renault.

Plug Power turned in decidedly mixed results in its second-quarter reporting earlier this month. It jumped nearly 17% over three sessions, but had given most of that back as of the end of last week.

I think we could see another leg down from here, but I want to see the stock break support before I make a move. If PLUG shares close below $25.00 by the end of August 2021, I like buying the PLUG Dec. 17, 2021 $20/$22.50 put spread for $1.20 or less.

And finally, I’m watching Global X Lithium & Battery Tech ETF (NYSEArca: LIT). Like it says on the box, LIT is an exchange-traded fund that holds a basket of lithium miners and battery tech companies, which, as we’ve seen, are playing an outsized role in the growing EV and clean energy markets. Lithium is absolutely critical to EV production and powering, and it has several other “green energy” applications, as well. There is plenty of lithium in the ground, but efforts to mine and process it have barely ramped up, with operations taking place in just a handful of countries. That bakes in the kind of scarcity that makes for higher lithium prices. I like it.

LIT has already had a great run this year and I think we could see another leg higher, assuming it can close above recent highs. If LIT closes above $88.00, I like buying the LIT Jan. 21, 2022 $90/$95 call spread for $2.25 or less.

The push toward clean energy and electric vehicle adoption is taking place amidst an explosion of American entrepreneurial excellence. Consider this: Around 500 companies are looking to take their shares public in the United States right now. I expect quite a few of those firms may be looking to make a big splash in the clean technology and EV sectors.

At this early stage, it’s possible to secure what I call “pre-IPO rights” in many of these companies, and oftentimes, these special rights can go for around $1. In the event the company goes public, the value of these pre-IPO rights can potentially skyrocket; I know of exceptional cases where peak gains of 2,088%, 6,566%, 8,280%, 9,075%, even 27,550% were realized. I’ve got more for you about this profit potential right here…

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Top Performing Stocks To Watch Right Now

Stratos Wealth Partners LTD. boosted its stake in shares of Powershares Global Etf Trust123 (NASDAQ:PIZ) by 109.8% in the 1st quarter, HoldingsChannel.com reports. The fund owned 7,723 shares of the company’s stock after buying an additional 4,042 shares during the quarter. Stratos Wealth Partners LTD.’s holdings in Powershares Global Etf Trust123 were worth $215,000 at the end of the most recent quarter.

A number of other hedge funds also recently modified their holdings of the stock. Wells Fargo & Company MN lifted its holdings in Powershares Global Etf Trust123 by 14.8% in the 1st quarter. Wells Fargo & Company MN now owns 650,043 shares of the company’s stock worth $18,124,000 after buying an additional 83,978 shares during the period. Citadel Advisors LLC purchased a new stake in Powershares Global Etf Trust123 in the 4th quarter worth approximately $1,620,000. Capital Advisors Inc. OK lifted its holdings in Powershares Global Etf Trust123 by 29.1% in the 1st quarter. Capital Advisors Inc. OK now owns 211,063 shares of the company’s stock worth $5,884,000 after buying an additional 47,550 shares during the period. Almanack Investment Partners LLC. purchased a new stake in Powershares Global Etf Trust123 in the 4th quarter worth approximately $675,000. Finally, Raymond James & Associates lifted its holdings in Powershares Global Etf Trust123 by 13.2% in the 4th quarter. Raymond James & Associates now owns 164,567 shares of the company’s stock worth $4,547,000 after buying an additional 19,221 shares during the period.

Top Performing Stocks To Watch Right Now: Tesla Motors, Inc.(TSLA)

We design, develop, manufacture and sell high-performance fully electric vehicles and energy storage products. We have established our own network of vehicle sales and service centers and Supercharger stations globally to accelerate the widespread adoption of electric vehicles. Our vehicles, electric vehicle engineering expertise, and business model differentiates us from incumbent automobile manufacturers.
We currently produce and sell two fully electric vehicles, the Model S sedan and the Model X sport utility vehicle (SUV). Both vehicles offer exceptional performance, functionality and attractive styling. We commenced deliveries of Model S in June 2012 and as of December 31, 2015 we have delivered over 107,000 new Model S vehicles worldwide. We have continued to improve Model S by introducing performance, all-wheel drive dual motor, and autopilot options, as well as free over-the-air software updates.   Advisors’ Opinion:

  • [By Money Morning Staff Reports]

    Musk was truly a visionary entrepreneur and created companies in what can only be described as the coolest of the cool. From Tesla Inc.’s (NASDAQ: TSLA) electric cars and batteries, to SolarCity’s renewable clean energy, to Space-X’s reusable rockets and the mission to Mars, who could not envision comic books with him as the hero?

  • [By Chris Hill]

    In this week’s Motley Fool Money, host Chris Hill and Motley Fool contributors Andy Cross and Jason Moser look over the market’s biggest stories. Amazon.com(NASDAQ:AMZN)is quietly making big moves into advertising, and we should expect more of that to come. Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA)and the SEC were instructed to work something out in the next two weeks, and Tesla’s future remains uncertain. A new IPO hit the market, looking a lot more profitable than some other recent IPOs we might mention. And, as always, the guys share some stocks on their radar this week. Plus, Chris interviews author and journalist Allison Schrager about her new book, An Economist Walks Into a Brothel. Schrager shares insights about risk management outside of the investing world, the state of the U.S. economy, and more.

  • [By Garrett Baldwin]

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    Stocks to Watch Today: TSLA, GBX
    Tesla Inc. (NASDAQ: TSLA) is under pressure on news that CEO Elon Musk was reportedly charged with contempt of court. The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) attempted to hold him in contempt over his recent tweets involving the company’s delivery numbers. A judge has ordered that Musk and the SEC work out its differences over the next two weeks. If you want to make real money, you need to tap into the incredible income potential of REITS. Real estate is where you can get cash-churning firms that put cold hard dollars into your trading quarter every single quarter. Money Morning Special Situation Strategist Tim Melvin just returned from the ultra-luxurious NYU REIT Symposium in Manhattan. And he has the two best REITs that can make you a lot of money over the next nine months. Greenbrier Co. Inc.(NYSE: GBX) is the only firm in the earnings calendar on Friday. The transportation giant reported earnings of $0.22 per share, a figure that was in line with Wall Street expectations. Its reported $658.7 million in revenue topped expectations.

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  • [By Garrett Baldwin]

    5G Revolution: This breakthrough technology is expected to unleash $12 TRILLION in new wealth… and one $6 stock could be better positioned than any other to skyrocket. Learn more.

    Tesla Inc. (NASDAQ: TSLA) shares are falling on news that the company’s first-quarter shipments fell short of Wall Street expectations. According to reports, the firm delivered just 63,000 vehicles for the quarter, well below the 76,000 expected by analysts. The firm also cut full-year guidance for deliveries this year, thanks in part to slumping demand for its high-end products and the loss of federal tax credits for energy efficiency. Shares of Lyft Inc. (NASDAQ: LYFT) are under pressure on news that one of its most important investors sold ahead of the ride-sharing giant’s IPO last week. Billionaire Carl Icahn sold off his roughly 2.7% stake in the firm and was reportedly worth $550 million at the IPO price. Now, Lyft stock is back under its IPO price. And Money Morning’s Shah Gilani has issued an autopsy report on the IPO that he told our readers to avoid weeks ago. Here’s more. Look for earnings reports from Duluth Holdings Inc. (NASDAQ: DLTH) andInternational Speedway Corp. (NASDAQ: ISCA).
    The $12 Trillion 5G Revolution Is Here!

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Top Performing Stocks To Watch Right Now: Pain Therapeutics(PTIE)

Pain Therapeutics, Inc., incorporated on May 4, 1998, is a biopharmaceutical company that develops drugs. The Company is focused on drug development efforts on disorders of the nervous system, such as chronic pain. The Company’s lead drug candidate, REMOXY, is an abuse-deterrent, oral formulation of oxycodone (CII). The Company’s other products is FENROCK.


REMOXY is a painkiller with a formulation designed to reduce potential risks of unintended use. The Company has developed REMOXY to make oxycodone difficult to abuse yet provide approximately 12 hours of steady pain relief when used by patients. REMOXY is intended to meet the needs of healthcare prescribing opioid drugs and seeking to minimize the risks of drug diversion, abuse or accidental patient misuse. REMOXY’s thick, sticky formulation may deter unapproved routes of drug administration, such as injection, snorting or smoking. REMOXY is being developed in Phase III clinical trial.


The Company’s drug candidate FENROCK is an abuse-deterrent transdermal pain patch in the pre-Investigational new drug-stage of development. The active pharmaceutical ingredient in the FENROCK patch is fentanyl (CII), a potent synthetic opioid used to manage severe pain. FENROCK is designed to provide pain relief over 72 hours when used appropriately but to block the euphoric effects of fentanyl under certain conditions of abuse or accidental misuse.

The Company competes with Roxane Laboratories, Purdue Pharma, Mylan, Pfizer, Abbott Laboratories, Endo Pharmaceuticals, Teva Pharmaceuticals, Elkins-Sinn, Watson Laboratories, Ortho-McNeil Pharmaceutical and Forest Pharmaceuticals.

Advisors’ Opinion:

  • [By Joseph Griffin]

    Shares of Pain Therapeutics, Inc. (NASDAQ:PTIE) were down 5.6% during mid-day trading on Thursday . The company traded as low as $1.00 and last traded at $1.02. Approximately 891,700 shares traded hands during trading, an increase of 40% from the average daily volume of 638,110 shares. The stock had previously closed at $1.08.

  • [By Shane Hupp]

    Pain Therapeutics, Inc. (NASDAQ:PTIE) major shareholder Armistice Capital, Llc sold 1,200,000 shares of Pain Therapeutics stock in a transaction on Thursday, August 16th. The shares were sold at an average price of $1.02, for a total value of $1,224,000.00. The transaction was disclosed in a legal filing with the Securities & Exchange Commission, which is available at this hyperlink. Large shareholders that own at least 10% of a company’s stock are required to disclose their transactions with the SEC.

  • [By Paul Ausick]

    Pain Therapeutics Inc. (NASDAQ: PTIE) dropped 50% Thursday to set a new 52-week low of $0.98. Shares closed at $1.96 on Wednesday and the stock’s 52-week high is $12.80. Volume totaled around 10 million, nearly 20 times the daily average. The company announced a direct share offering of $11.3 million at $1.15 per share. Boy, do current investors hate that sort of behavior.

  • [By Ethan Ryder]

    News stories about Pain Therapeutics (NASDAQ:PTIE) have been trending somewhat positive this week, Accern reports. Accern ranks the sentiment of press coverage by monitoring more than twenty million blog and news sources in real-time. Accern ranks coverage of companies on a scale of negative one to one, with scores nearest to one being the most favorable. Pain Therapeutics earned a media sentiment score of 0.02 on Accern’s scale. Accern also assigned news stories about the biopharmaceutical company an impact score of 48.4244449138127 out of 100, meaning that recent press coverage is somewhat unlikely to have an effect on the company’s share price in the next several days.

Top Performing Stocks To Watch Right Now: AMERISAFE, Inc.(AMSF)

AMERISAFE, Inc., an insurance holding company, provides workers compensation insurance in the United States. Its workers compensation insurance policies provide benefits to injured employees for temporary or permanent disability, death, and medical and hospital expenses. The company serves small to mid-sized employers involved in construction, trucking, manufacturing, agriculture, oil and gas, logging, and maritime industries through agencies. AMERISAFE, Inc. was incorporated in 1985 and is based in DeRidder, Louisiana.

Advisors’ Opinion:

  • [By Logan Wallace]

    Amerisafe, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMSF) has been given a consensus recommendation of “Buy” by the seven analysts that are currently covering the stock, MarketBeat reports. Three equities research analysts have rated the stock with a hold recommendation and three have issued a buy recommendation on the company. The average twelve-month price target among analysts that have covered the stock in the last year is $64.00.

  • [By Motley Fool Transcribing]

    Amerisafe (NASDAQ:AMSF) Q4 2018 Earnings Conference CallFeb. 28, 2019 10:30 a.m. ET

    Prepared Remarks Questions and Answers Call Participants
    Prepared Remarks:


  • [By Stephan Byrd]

    BidaskClub upgraded shares of Amerisafe (NASDAQ:AMSF) from a buy rating to a strong-buy rating in a research note published on Monday.

    Other analysts have also recently issued research reports about the stock. Boenning Scattergood reissued a hold rating on shares of Amerisafe in a research report on Thursday, October 25th. Zacks Investment Research cut shares of Amerisafe from a buy rating to a hold rating in a research report on Monday, February 11th. Finally, ValuEngine cut shares of Amerisafe from a buy rating to a hold rating in a research report on Wednesday, January 9th. Three research analysts have rated the stock with a hold rating, two have issued a buy rating and one has assigned a strong buy rating to the stock. The company has a consensus rating of Buy and a consensus price target of $65.67.

  • [By Joseph Griffin]

    Get a free copy of the Zacks research report on Amerisafe (AMSF)

    For more information about research offerings from Zacks Investment Research, visit Zacks.com

Top Performing Stocks To Watch Right Now: CSX Corporation(CSX)

CSX Corporation, together with its subsidiaries, incorporated on November 15, 1978, is a transportation company. The Company provides rail-based transportation services, including rail service and the transport of intermodal containers and trailers. The Company serves approximately three lines of business, such as merchandise business, coal business and intermodal business. The Company’s operating subsidiary, CSX Transportation, Inc. (CSXT), provides a link to the transportation supply chain through its approximately 21,000-route mile rail network, which serves population centers in approximately 20 states east of the Mississippi River, the District of Columbia and the Canadian provinces of Ontario and Quebec. It has access to over 70 ocean, river and lake port terminals along the Atlantic and Gulf Coasts, the Mississippi River, the Great Lakes and the St. Lawrence Seaway. The Company’s intermodal business links customers to railroads through trucks and terminals. CSXT also serves production and distribution facilities through track connections to approximately 240 short-line and regional railroads.

The Company’s merchandise business consists of shipments in the diverse markets, such as agricultural products, phosphates and fertilizers, food and consumer, chemicals, automotive, metals, forest products, minerals, and waste and equipment. The Company’s coal business transports domestic coal, coke and iron ore to electricity-generating power plants, steel manufacturers and industrial plants, as well as exports coal to deep-water port facilities. The Company’s intermodal business combines the rail transportation with the short-haul flexibility of trucks and offers long-haul trucking. The Company’s intermodal business serves all markets, which are located in east of the Mississippi River, and transports manufactured consumer goods in containers. The Company provides customers with truck-like service for longer shipments.

In addition to CSXT, the Company’s subsidiaries include CSX ! Intermodal Terminals, Inc. (CSX Intermodal Terminals), Total Distribution Services, Inc. (TDSI), Transflo Terminal Services, Inc. (Transflo), CSX Technology, Inc. (CSX Technology) and other subsidiaries. CSX Intermodal Terminals owns and operates a system of intermodal terminals, predominantly in the eastern United States, and also performs drayage services (the pickup and delivery of intermodal shipments) for certain customers and trucking dispatch operations. TDSI serves the automotive industry with distribution centers and storage locations. Transflo transfers products from rail to trucks. The Transflo markets are chemicals and agriculture, which include shipments of plastics and ethanol. CSX Technology and other subsidiaries provide support services for the Company. CSX’s other holdings include CSX Real Property, Inc., a subsidiary responsible for the Company’s operating and non-operating real estate sales, leasing, acquisition, and management and development activities.

The Company competes with Norfolk Southern Railway.

Advisors’ Opinion:

  • [By Garrett Baldwin]

    Brace Yourself: The 5G revolution is unleashing your next potential TRILLION-DOLLAR opportunity – go here now.

    A lot of chatter has built up around Walt Disney Co.’s (NYSE: DIS) streaming service set to launch later this year. But not too many people know that Disney is now the majority owner of Hulu. According to reports, AT&T Inc. (NYSE: T) sold its stake in Hulu for $1.43 billion, bringing the streaming firm’s valuation to $15 billion. The sale leaves Comcast Corp.(NASDAQ: CMCSA) and Disney as the primary owners, with the latter holding a 60% stake. The real bellwether today will be a report from CSX Corp. (NYSE: CSX). The U.S. railway giant will announce its earnings, and investors are curious about how the company has fared with fewer coal shipments and concerns about a slowing economy. Look for earnings reports from Bank of America Corp.(NYSE: BAC), BlackRock Inc. (NYSE: BLK), Comerica Inc. (NYSE: CMA), CSX Corp. (NYSE: CSX), Johnson & Johnson (NYSE: JNJ), United Continental Holdings Inc.(NYSE: UAL).
    Brace Yourself: The 5G Revolution Is Unleashing Your Next TRILLION-DOLLAR Opportunity

    In my three decades tracking the world’s biggest technological breakthroughs, I’ve never seen anything as huge as this.

  • [By Motley Fool Transcribers]

    CSX Corp (NASDAQ:CSX)Q12019 Earnings CallApril 16, 2019, 4:30 p.m. ET

    Prepared Remarks Questions and Answers Call Participants
    Prepared Remarks:


  • [By Jon C. Ogg]

    CSX Corp. (NYSE: CSX) was downgraded to Hold from Buy at Stifel. The stock closed down 0.5% at $72.46 on Tuesday and was indicated down 2.3% at $70.80 on Wednesday. It had a consensus target price of $75.86.

  • [By Eric Volkman]

    Most of these, likeCSX (NASDAQ:CSX) and Norfolk Southern(NYSE:NSC), can be purchased directly. Meanwhile, BNSF Railway is a wholly owned subsidiary of mighty Berkshire Hathaway(NYSE:BRK-A) (NYSE:BRK-B). Berkshire is the investment locomotive, if you will, of legendary investor Warren Buffett.

Top Performing Stocks To Watch Right Now: Image Sensing Systems, Inc.(ISNS)

Image Sensing Systems, Inc. develops and markets software-based computer enabled detection products and solutions for the intelligent transportation systems industry, and adjacent security and law enforcement markets. The company operates through three segments: Intersection, Highway, and License Plate Recognition (LPR). Its video and radar processing products are used in traffic, security, police, and parking applications, such as intersection control, highway, bridge and tunnel traffic management, venue security, entry control, LPR, and traffic data collection. The company offers various vehicle and traffic detection products, such as Autoscope video systems and RTMS radar systems that convert sensory input collected by video cameras and radar units into vehicle detection and traffic data used to operate, monitor, and improve the efficiency of roadway infrastructure; and Autoscope LPR systems, which use video sensors in the visible and infrared spectrums to read license or number plates for security, police, and parking applications. It also offers CitySync, a rapid plate recognition technology, which reads a license plate and uses various methods for optical character recognition and plate finding for each plate read. The company sells its products to end users comprising federal, state, city, and county departments of transportation, port, highway, tunnel, and other transportation authorities; law enforcement agencies; and parking facility operators, as well as system integrators or other suppliers of systems and services that are operating under subcontracts in connection with road construction contracts. Image Sensing Systems, Inc. was founded in 1984 and is headquartered in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Advisors’ Opinion:

  • [By Logan Wallace]

    Abaxis (NASDAQ: ABAX) and Image Sensing Systems (NASDAQ:ISNS) are both small-cap medical companies, but which is the better investment? We will contrast the two businesses based on the strength of their dividends, profitability, institutional ownership, earnings, valuation, risk and analyst recommendations.

  • [By Logan Wallace]

    Trimble (NASDAQ: TRMB) and Image Sensing Systems (NASDAQ:ISNS) are both computer and technology companies, but which is the better business? We will contrast the two businesses based on the strength of their analyst recommendations, profitability, institutional ownership, risk, dividends, valuation and earnings.

  • [By Lisa Levin]


    Netshoes (Cayman) Limited (NASDAQ: NETS) shares dipped 43.73 percent to close at $2.87 on Tuesday as the company posted downbeat Q1 results.
    Cesca Therapeutics Inc. (NASDAQ: KOOL) shares dropped 29.01 percent to close at $0.80 after reporting Q1 results.
    SenesTech, Inc. (NASDAQ: SNES) shares fell 22.2 percent to close at $0.340 after reporting Q1 miss.
    Vipshop Holdings Limited (NYSE: VIPS) fell 19.95 percent to close at $12.08 after the company reported weaker-than-expected earnings for its first quarter on Monday.
    Image Sensing Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: ISNS) fell 19.68 percent to close at $3.775 after reporting earnings were down year over year. First quarter earnings came in flat, down from 4 cents per share in the same quarter of last year. Sales came in at $3.01 million.
    Boxlight Corporation (NASDAQ: BOXL) dropped 18.47 percent to close at $9.62 on Tuesday after surging 77.44 percent on Monday.
    ENDRA Life Sciences Inc. (NASDAQ: NDRA) declined 16.21 percent to close at $2.43. ENDRA Life Sciences is expected to release quarterly earnings today.
    ALJ Regional Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ: ALJJ) shares fell 16.13 percent to close at $1.79.
    Switch Inc (NYSE: SWCH) shares dropped 14.93 percent to close at $13.16 following a first-quarter earnings miss.
    Restoration Robotics Inc (NASDAQ: HAIR) fell 14.42 percent to close at $3.68 after reporting a first-quarter earnings miss.
    iCAD, Inc. (NASDAQ: ICAD) declined 13.01 percent to close at $3.41 following Q1 results.
    Intersections Inc. (NASDAQ: INTX) fell 12.44 percent to close at $1.97.
    Histogenics Corporation (NASDAQ: HSGX) declined 12.24 percent to close at $2.15.
    AZZ Inc. (NYSE: AZZ) fell 12.1 percent to close at $39.60 following Q3 earnings.
    Hallador Energy Company (NASDAQ: HNRG) fell 11.1 percent to close at $6.49.
    Integrated Media Technology Limited (NASDAQ: IMTE) dropped 10.66 percent to close at $16.93 on Tuesday.
    Myomo, Inc. (NYSE: MYO) slipp

Top Performing Stocks To Watch Right Now: Stryker Corporation(SYK)

Stryker Corporation, together with its subsidiaries, operates as a medical technology company worldwide. The company operates in three segments: Reconstructive, MedSurg, and Neurotechnology and Spine. The Reconstructive segment offers orthopaedic reconstructive (hip and knee) and trauma implant systems, as well as other related products. The MedSurg segment provides surgical equipment and surgical navigation systems; endoscopic and communications systems; patient handling and emergency medical equipment; and other related products. The Neurotechnology and Spine segment offers neurovascular products, spinal implant systems, and other related products. The company sells its products through local dealers and direct sales force to doctors, hospitals, and other healthcare facilities, as well as through third-party dealers and distributors in the United States, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Japan, Canada, the Pacific region, and the Latin America region. Stryker Corporat ion was founded in 1941 and is headquartered in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

Advisors’ Opinion:

  • [By Logan Wallace]

    COPYRIGHT VIOLATION NOTICE: “Stryker Co. (SYK) Holdings Lifted by Daiwa Securities Group Inc.” was posted by Ticker Report and is owned by of Ticker Report. If you are viewing this article on another site, it was copied illegally and republished in violation of US & international trademark and copyright law. The correct version of this article can be viewed at www.tickerreport.com/banking-finance/4150560/stryker-co-syk-holdings-lifted-by-daiwa-securities-group-inc.html.

  • [By Max Byerly]

    WCM Investment Management CA boosted its position in Stryker Co. (NYSE:SYK) by 20.4% in the second quarter, according to its most recent filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The institutional investor owned 526,493 shares of the medical technology company’s stock after buying an additional 89,325 shares during the period. Stryker makes up approximately 0.9% of WCM Investment Management CA’s portfolio, making the stock its 24th biggest position. WCM Investment Management CA owned approximately 0.14% of Stryker worth $88,904,000 at the end of the most recent reporting period.

  • [By Ethan Ryder]

    Stryker (NYSE:SYK) had its hold rating reissued by analysts at Needham & Company LLC. The analysts wrote, “SYK is acquiring Invuity (IVTY) for $7.40 per share (a 29% premium) or ~$190M of cash which is 3.4x consensus 2019E sales (vs. 6.4x EV/2019E sales for its medical supplies peers). IVTY makes disposable lighted instruments which increase visibility during minimally invasive surgical (MIS) procedures. We believe IVTY fits well with SYK’s Instruments business and note that IVTY’s products are applicable to a large number of surgical procedures. While the deal may be slightly dilutive in 2019, we believe that SYK can absorb this and still deliver on its 9%+ EPS growth target. And the deal should start to become increasingly accretive in 2020 and beyond.””

  • [By Joseph Griffin]

    Canada Pension Plan Investment Board cut its stake in Stryker Co. (NYSE:SYK) by 19.8% in the 2nd quarter, HoldingsChannel.com reports. The institutional investor owned 7,568 shares of the medical technology company’s stock after selling 1,864 shares during the quarter. Canada Pension Plan Investment Board’s holdings in Stryker were worth $1,278,000 as of its most recent SEC filing.

Top 5 Biotech Stocks To Invest In Right Now

In a matter of just a few years, “the Cloud” has evolved from a budding new tech feature to one of the main factors driving growth in the technology sector. Cloud computing is now an essential focus for software-related companies, and cloud stocks have piqued the interest of many tech-focused investors.

New technologies and changing consumer behavior have changed the shape of the technology landscape, and an industry that was once centered on the personal computer has adapted to survive in the world of mobile computing and the Cloud. The markets have been paying attention, and some of the best tech stocks have been those that are either primarily cloud-based companies, or those that have shown growth in their cloud operations.

With this in mind, we’ve highlighted three stocks that are not only showing strong cloud-related activity, but also strong fundamental metrics. Check out these three cloud stocks to buy right now:

Top 5 Biotech Stocks To Invest In Right Now: Senseonics Holdings, Inc.(SENS)

Senseonics Holdings is the best performer of the three, with its stock price skyrocketing more than 130% over the last 12 months. The big news for Senseonics came in March when an FDA advisory committee unanimously recommended approval for the company’s Eversense implantable continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) system.

The potential for Eversense has made Senseonics quite popular on Wall Street. Analysts have picked it as one of the fastest-growing diabetes stocks of 2018 — and, so far, they’ve been right on the money. 

Eversense includes a small sensor inserted completely under the skin. This sensor communicates with a smart transmitter worn over it. Blood glucose levels are automatically sent every five minutes to a mobile app on the user’s smartphone. Eversense’s implantable sensors last up to 90 days, with the Eversense XL system allowing sensors to last for up to 180 days, which makes using the system much more convenient for diabetic patients.

Senseonics expects to launch Eversense in the U.S. later this year. The company also hopes to introduce the Eversense XL system in Europe in 2018 and begin a pivotal clinical trial of the system in the U.S.

Top 5 Biotech Stocks To Invest In Right Now: Apple Inc.(AAPL)

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) just crushed it again in the last quarter, and along with all the cash it is repatriating, it is what is known as a “GARP” stock. That’s an abbreviation for “Growth at a Reasonable Price.” We don’t want to overpay for growth stocks. It’s easy to do.

AAPL stock has $266 billion of cash and investments, offset by $101 billion in debt on its balance sheet. AAPL will pay up about $40 billion in taxes on that money, meaning AAPL stock has a net cash position of about $25 per share.

With today’s market cap of $949 billion, the market places a value on Apple’s business at $771 billion. With $58 billion in TTM net income, AAPL stock only trades at 13.3x net earnings. Analysts estimate 13% annualized growth going forward.

However, I add a 10% premium for each of these: robust free cash flow, strong cash position and irrefutable worldwide brand name. AAPL stock is a cheap growth stock for retirement.

Top 5 Biotech Stocks To Invest In Right Now: Tesla Motors, Inc.(TSLA)

So when my kids sit down to talk about our Tesla investment with their own young ones, a couple of decades from now, I’d imagine something like this:

When daddy first invested in Tesla, people thought it was a car company. You know, the first lineup of totally electric cars, kicking those antiquated petroleum monsters to the curb. That took a while but nobody buys gas cars anymore. Unless you’re running a car museum, I guess. Tesla really started that changeover, and for a while it really was all about the cars.

But you know, Elon Musk was pretty clear about his long-term goals from the start. The original master plan of 2006 was to keep building more and more affordable electric cars, pushing the entire industry in that direction and setting the stage for a gas-free future.

Musk doubled down on the same basic goals 10 years later and expanded them a bit. At that point, Tesla was working on solar panels and large batteries, moving beyond the car business. Sure, it also worked on self-driving vehicles and a more complete lineup of vehicles back then, forming the financial bedrock under the cross-industry behemoth Tesla would become later.

Here in the 2040s, there’s no real reason to buy cars for your own use and nobody really cares which nameplate is on the self-driving car you hailed today. So Tesla moved on, and now it’s a next-generation energy giant with a finger in every pie from infrastructure and entertainment to sustainable farming and space exploration. As you know, early investors have seen fantastic returns over the decades. I just don’t know how Daddy Moose saw this coming all the way back in the 2010s, but we can thank that long-term vision for half of the wealth he’s passing on to us now.

The details may be wrong, but the overall gist of that story should be on target.

Top 5 Biotech Stocks To Invest In Right Now: Chesapeake Energy Corporation(CHK)

Chesapeake Energy Corporation (NYSE:CHK) shares are punching up and out of a four-month consolidation range, breaking clear of its upper Bollinger Band to close in on its 200-day moving average, which it has not tested since early 2017. This is a reversal of the selling pressure seen in the wake of a downgrade from Citigroup analysts on April 17.

The company will next report results on Aug. 2 before the bell. Analysts are looking for earnings of 12 cents per share on revenues of $1.1 billion. When the company last reported on May 2, earnings of 34 cents per share beat estimates by seven cents despite a 15.4% drop in revenues.

Top 5 Biotech Stocks To Invest In Right Now: MetLife, Inc.(MET)

 Metlife Inc (NYSE:MET) is one of the world’s leading financial services companies, providing insurance, annuities, employee benefits and asset management. The stock currently has a Zacks Rank #2 and a Value Score of A. The 3-5 year EPS growth rate for the stock is estimated at 11.4%.

Top 5 Safest Stocks To Buy Right Now

The stock market has been a bit volatile this year, but there are some sectors that are still experiencing significant share price gains. For example, the Nasdaq 100 Technology Sector is up about 22% over the past 12 months. Those gains are pretty impressive, but a handful of tech stocks, have seen their share prices jump about five times as much.

Top 5 Safest Stocks To Buy Right Now: BlackBerry Limited(BB)

BlackBerry is best known to the public for its once-iconic brand of smartphones, but the company ditched hardware manufacturing recently and now serves as an enterprise software and services company. This transition is finally getting the attention of analysts, and an improving earnings outlook has earned the stock a Zacks Rank #1 (Strong Buy). The company has also managed to surpass EPS estimates in nine consecutive quarters. Still, this is one for the long haul, with earnings expected to expand at an annualized rate of nearly 19% over the next three to five years.

Top 5 Safest Stocks To Buy Right Now: Tesla Motors, Inc.(TSLA)

Tesla (TSLA) shares are on the verge of breaking down out of a multimonth consolidation range amid ongoing Model 3 production woes, executive departures and fresh worries about the future of autonomous vehicles after an Uber self-driving car killed a pedestrian.

Goldman Sachs analysts, in a recent note, reiterated a sell rating on worries about output and Q1 deliveries.

The company will next report results on May 2 after the close. Analysts are looking for a loss of $3.22 per share on revenues of $3.6 billion. When the company last reported on Feb. 7, a loss of $3.04 per share beat estimates by 11 cents on a 43.9% rise in revenues.

Top 5 Safest Stocks To Buy Right Now: Uniti Group Inc.(UNIT)

This real estate investment trust currently has a 12.6% dividend yield, which is often a red flag. Extremely high yields tend to come with very low share prices, which in turn is a healthy market reaction to deeply troubled business operations.

But maybe pigs do fly after all. This huge yield seems to stem from a misunderstanding, not some profound insight about impending doom.

It’s true that Uniti is tethered to another company that really does deserve plenty of crimson-flag-waving. Regional telecom Windstream Holdings (NASDAQ:WIN) reported a $2.1 billion net loss over the last four quarters, along with roughly breakeven free cash flow and negative EBITDA (earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization) profit. Uniti is the new embodiment of Windstream’s former network infrastructure operations, which were spun out as a stand-alone business three years ago. Since then, Windstream’s future has only darkened, while Uniti has been edging away from its old parent company in many ways.

Sometimes, Uniti is punished for Windstream’s sins. But it’s obvious to me that Uniti walked away from the 2015 separation with the better deal. What we see today is a struggling telecom that spun out its most valuable and effective operations in a Hail Mary attempt to gain some financial stability. In the future, I fully expect Windstream to either go bankrupt or agree to a pennies-on-the-dollar buyout, just to salvage a tiny bit of shareholder and debt-writer value. When that happens, Uniti will go on supplying its services through some 4.8 million miles of fiber-optic network strands and 700 wireless towers, but to a whole new set of clients.

When that day comes, Uniti shares will take another big hit as many investors expect the dying Windstream to drag this company down behind it. Maybe I’ll buy more shares at that point, because Uniti’s long-term story is solid.

And in the meantime, you can’t beat that ultragenerous dividend yield.

Top 5 Safest Stocks To Buy Right Now: Tele Celular Sul Participacoes S.A.(TSU)

TIM Participacoes SA (NYSE:TSU) based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, the company is the sole wireless service provider throughout Brazil.

TIM Participacoes has expected earnings growth of 27.5% for current year. The Zacks Consensus Estimate for the current year has improved by 4.1% over the last 60 days.

Top 5 Safest Stocks To Buy Right Now: MeetMe, Inc.(MEET)

Often when you run across small-cap tech stocks, you have to pay a big premium for growth. But savvy investors don’t just chase highflying names, but also extreme values among small-cap stocks in the sector.

That’s what Meet Group Inc (NASDAQ:MEET) offers. Via its MeetMe website and app that go by the same name, Meet Group helps connect people and businesses with one another based on location. That sounds like a go-to segment to be in right now given the push for geolocation in every sector from retail to information technology, right?

The challenge is that Meet Group debuted a bit early, in 2011 before the mobile promise was fully understood and while investors were about to go “risk off” because of the European debt crisis. In the intervening years, sexier platforms like Facebook and Twitter and Snapchat have sucked all the oxygen out of the room, and this tiny $200 million company has been all but forgotten.

But quietly, the fundamentals of MEET have been improving impressively. Right now, Meet Group recorded 60% revenue growth in 2017 — and unlike other small-cap tech stocks, it actually posted plenty of actual profits.

Yet despite this impressive narrative, MEET shares are trading a single-digit P/E ratio 8! That’s if you act while the stock is still under my buy-below price.

Top 10 Safest Stocks For 2019

Gold rose above last week’s closing level of $1,347.90 an ounce in Monday’s trading as threats of “actual wars” pushed the price of the yellow metal.

Prices had earlier touched a five-week high in March 2018 as threats of a trade war between the United States and China weighed on the dollar and equities. On Jan 25, spot gold touched a high of $1,366 an ounce. Gold value has increased more than 2% in 2018 so far, after recording a healthy 12% gain last year.

As markets remain skeptical in the face of the ongoing geopolitical tensions, prices are expected to move northward.

Top 10 Safest Stocks For 2019: Retail Opportunity Investments Corp.(ROIC)

While many investors grapple with uncertainty surrounding the state of the retail industry, Retail Opportunity Investments has been busy carving out its own sustainable niche. This real estate investment trust (REIT) focuses on buying and revitalizing grocery-anchored retail properties in mid- to high-income areas in the Western United States. Their necessity-based nature means those properties have proven largely immune to broader retail-industry struggles, enabling the company to maintain healthy lease rates (above 97% for the past 15 quarters), and giving it pricing power for base rents (up 21.6% and 8.3% on new and renewed leases last quarter, respectively).

Perhaps best of all for prospective buyers of the stock, Retail Opportunity Investments has pulled back around 13% over the past year even as the company continues to steadily build its portfolioand demonstrate its relative strength. With shares now trading at a reasonable 14.5 times this year’s expected funds from operations, and with a dividend yielding around 4.6% annually as of this writing, I think Retail Opportunity Investments is easily one of the market’s most promising retail stocks today.

Top 10 Safest Stocks For 2019: Xcerra Corporation(XCRA)

Little-Known Stocks to Buy: Xcerra (XCRA)

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Xcerra Corp (NASDAQ:XCRA) is fundamentally in the business of making and operating semiconductor testing equipment.

While this has been a traditionally cyclical market, the fact is, now that more and more “dumb” devices are now becoming “smart,” chipmakers are able to create longer tails on their chip production. That makes the lag between new generations of chips shorter and provides more stability for companies like XCRA.

Also, since there are growing uses for chips, XCRA is in a much better position than big chipmakers since they are constantly under pressure to innovate to keep up with current technological demands, whereas XCRA simply needs to make sure its diagnostic and performance equipment can deliver the results clients are looking for.

Up  38% this year, and sporting a $745 million market cap, this one could be moving up to the mid-cap sector pretty soon.

Top 10 Safest Stocks For 2019: Euronet Worldwide Inc.(EEFT)

Euronet Worldwide (NASDAQ:EEFT) provides payment and transaction processing and distribution solutions to financial institutions and retailers worldwide.

The company’s total revenue stands at $2,252 million as of fiscal year ending December 2017. This is 77.7% higher than the $1,268 million achieved in fiscal year December 2012 and represents a five-year CAGR of 12.2%. Euronet Worldwide’s revenue growth has also steadily ranged from 6.5% to 17.8% over the last five fiscal years.

Analysts are estimating that Euronet Worldwide’s total revenue will reach $3,869 million by fiscal year 2022 representing a five-year CAGR of 11.4%.

Applying these assumptions to 8 valuation models imply nice upside for shareholders.

Euronet Worldwide’s stock currently trades at $86.43 per share as of Tuesday, up only 2.8% over the last year. However, finbox.io’s intrinsic value estimate suggests that shares could increase 34.1% going forward.

Top 10 Safest Stocks For 2019: SolarEdge Technologies, Inc.(SEDG)

Solaredge Technologies also reported on its latest quarterly earnings results.

For its first quarter, the solar energy products provider announced revenue of $209.9 million, which was ahead of the $205 million that analysts were calling for in their consensus estimate.

Solaredge Technologies also impressed in its earnings call as the company reported adjusted earnings of 87 cents per share. Wall Street was calling for adjusted earnings of 80 cents per share.

For its second quarter, the company is calling for revenue in the range of $220 million to $230 million, ahead of analysts’ forecast of $208 million. Solaredge Technologies also announced that it is entering the multibillion-dollar market for uninterruptible power supplies as it will acquire Gamatronic Electronic Industries.

SEDG stock soared 16.5% during regular trading hours and fell 0.2% after hours.

Top 10 Safest Stocks For 2019: Tesla Motors, Inc.(TSLA)

Shopify stock is up more than four times in value over less than three years since coming public. And yet, over the course of those three years, the company’s losses have doubled (from $19 million in 2015 to $40 million last year), and its rate of cash burn, — less than $1 million in 2015 — has swelled to more than $12 million burnt over the past 12 months.

So why is Shopify stock so popular? Sales growth appears to be investors’ primary motivator. In 2015, Shopify took in $205 million in revenue — up more than eight times from the $24 million in sales booked in 2012. Last year, Shopify’s sales had swelled to more than $673 million, another three-fold increase — close to a 100% annualized growth rate.

Is there any other company we know about that can match that kind of performance? Actually, there is: Tesla.

Like Shopify, Elon Musk’s electric car company, Tesla, has posted astounding sales growth off of a very small base. It may be hard to recall today, but as recently as 2011, Tesla had only sold 1,500 or so cars since its creation. Even today, with more than 250,000 cars sold, Tesla’s entire "lifetime achievement" is fewer cars than GM sells in a month. Growing off its exceedingly small base, finviz.com calculates that Tesla’s sales have grown at a very Shopify-like growth rate of 95%, annualized.

Granted, Tesla still isn’t profitable. Then again, neither is Shopify, and that doesn’t seem to be slowing down its stock growth. And like Shopify, Tesla is expected to turn profitable as early as 2020. If you’re looking for a rocket stock that could put Shopify’s returns to shame, look no further than Tesla.


A red Tesla Model S.