Top 10 China Stocks For 2019


Stocks moved slightly lower on Monday as traders grow increasingly cautious about range-bound indexes and fresh volatility in the healthcare and oil sectors, but overall, investors have remained optimistic in recent trading periods thanks to better-than-expected earnings results and strong guidance.

Heading into the week, total Q1 earnings for the 154 members of the S&P 500 that had already reported were up 25.4% from the year-ago period on 10.3% higher revenues. About 80% of these companies surpassed EPS estimates, and 72.1% managed to top sales estimates.

Among these reporting companies, many have been some of the world’s top technology firms, underscoring the sector’s ability to maintain the strength it has presented over the past few years. Overall, earnings growth expected to surpass 20% in the technology sector.

But which technology bellwethers have led the charge so far this report season? Make sure to take a look at these three companies that recently crushed estimates!

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