Top 5 Biotech Stocks To Invest In Right Now

In a matter of just a few years, “the Cloud” has evolved from a budding new tech feature to one of the main factors driving growth in the technology sector. Cloud computing is now an essential focus for software-related companies, and cloud stocks have piqued the interest of many tech-focused investors.

New technologies and changing consumer behavior have changed the shape of the technology landscape, and an industry that was once centered on the personal computer has adapted to survive in the world of mobile computing and the Cloud. The markets have been paying attention, and some of the best tech stocks have been those that are either primarily cloud-based companies, or those that have shown growth in their cloud operations.

With this in mind, we’ve highlighted three stocks that are not only showing strong cloud-related activity, but also strong fundamental metrics. Check out these three cloud stocks to buy right now:

Top 5 Biotech Stocks To Invest In Right Now: Senseonics Holdings, Inc.(SENS)

Senseonics Holdings is the best performer of the three, with its stock price skyrocketing more than 130% over the last 12 months. The big news for Senseonics came in March when an FDA advisory committee unanimously recommended approval for the company’s Eversense implantable continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) system.

The potential for Eversense has made Senseonics quite popular on Wall Street. Analysts have picked it as one of the fastest-growing diabetes stocks of 2018 — and, so far, they’ve been right on the money. 

Eversense includes a small sensor inserted completely under the skin. This sensor communicates with a smart transmitter worn over it. Blood glucose levels are automatically sent every five minutes to a mobile app on the user’s smartphone. Eversense’s implantable sensors last up to 90 days, with the Eversense XL system allowing sensors to last for up to 180 days, which makes using the system much more convenient for diabetic patients.

Senseonics expects to launch Eversense in the U.S. later this year. The company also hopes to introduce the Eversense XL system in Europe in 2018 and begin a pivotal clinical trial of the system in the U.S.

Top 5 Biotech Stocks To Invest In Right Now: Apple Inc.(AAPL)

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) just crushed it again in the last quarter, and along with all the cash it is repatriating, it is what is known as a “GARP” stock. That’s an abbreviation for “Growth at a Reasonable Price.” We don’t want to overpay for growth stocks. It’s easy to do.

AAPL stock has $266 billion of cash and investments, offset by $101 billion in debt on its balance sheet. AAPL will pay up about $40 billion in taxes on that money, meaning AAPL stock has a net cash position of about $25 per share.

With today’s market cap of $949 billion, the market places a value on Apple’s business at $771 billion. With $58 billion in TTM net income, AAPL stock only trades at 13.3x net earnings. Analysts estimate 13% annualized growth going forward.

However, I add a 10% premium for each of these: robust free cash flow, strong cash position and irrefutable worldwide brand name. AAPL stock is a cheap growth stock for retirement.

Top 5 Biotech Stocks To Invest In Right Now: Tesla Motors, Inc.(TSLA)

So when my kids sit down to talk about our Tesla investment with their own young ones, a couple of decades from now, I’d imagine something like this:

When daddy first invested in Tesla, people thought it was a car company. You know, the first lineup of totally electric cars, kicking those antiquated petroleum monsters to the curb. That took a while but nobody buys gas cars anymore. Unless you’re running a car museum, I guess. Tesla really started that changeover, and for a while it really was all about the cars.

But you know, Elon Musk was pretty clear about his long-term goals from the start. The original master plan of 2006 was to keep building more and more affordable electric cars, pushing the entire industry in that direction and setting the stage for a gas-free future.

Musk doubled down on the same basic goals 10 years later and expanded them a bit. At that point, Tesla was working on solar panels and large batteries, moving beyond the car business. Sure, it also worked on self-driving vehicles and a more complete lineup of vehicles back then, forming the financial bedrock under the cross-industry behemoth Tesla would become later.

Here in the 2040s, there’s no real reason to buy cars for your own use and nobody really cares which nameplate is on the self-driving car you hailed today. So Tesla moved on, and now it’s a next-generation energy giant with a finger in every pie from infrastructure and entertainment to sustainable farming and space exploration. As you know, early investors have seen fantastic returns over the decades. I just don’t know how Daddy Moose saw this coming all the way back in the 2010s, but we can thank that long-term vision for half of the wealth he’s passing on to us now.

The details may be wrong, but the overall gist of that story should be on target.

Top 5 Biotech Stocks To Invest In Right Now: Chesapeake Energy Corporation(CHK)

Chesapeake Energy Corporation (NYSE:CHK) shares are punching up and out of a four-month consolidation range, breaking clear of its upper Bollinger Band to close in on its 200-day moving average, which it has not tested since early 2017. This is a reversal of the selling pressure seen in the wake of a downgrade from Citigroup analysts on April 17.

The company will next report results on Aug. 2 before the bell. Analysts are looking for earnings of 12 cents per share on revenues of $1.1 billion. When the company last reported on May 2, earnings of 34 cents per share beat estimates by seven cents despite a 15.4% drop in revenues.

Top 5 Biotech Stocks To Invest In Right Now: MetLife, Inc.(MET)

 Metlife Inc (NYSE:MET) is one of the world’s leading financial services companies, providing insurance, annuities, employee benefits and asset management. The stock currently has a Zacks Rank #2 and a Value Score of A. The 3-5 year EPS growth rate for the stock is estimated at 11.4%.

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