Top 5 Casino Stocks To Buy Right Now

While the oil price rally has been a major catalyst driving up oil stocks this year, it wasn’t the only factor. Another common one is that oil companies are beginning to return more cash to shareholders, primarily by repurchasing shares, which has acted like lighter fluid for oil stocks. That catalyst could continue playing a significant role this year, which is why investors should consider oil stocks that have big-time share repurchase programs underway (like this one) since they’ll have more fuel to drive outperformance.

Top 5 Casino Stocks To Buy Right Now: ConocoPhillips(COP)

Higher oil prices have also given ConocoPhillips some extra money to allocate in creating value for its investors this year. Not only did the company increase its dividend by 7.5%, but it also now expects to buy back $2 billion in stock this year, which is an increase of $500 million from its initial plan. On top of that, the company expects to hit its debt reduction target more than a year ahead of schedule. Meanwhile, ConocoPhillips has also been allocating capital toward future growth by acquiring land in two emerging shale plays and buying out its partner in Alaska. These initiatives set the oil giant up for continued success in 2018 and beyond.

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